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Thread: Killing Fields Of Rafah Become Political Nightmare For Biden

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    Killing Fields Of Rafah Become Political Nightmare For Biden

    Killing Fields Of Rafah Become Political Nightmare For Biden

    As the Israeli military moves into Rafah, the former "safe haven" for displaced Palestinians from elsewhere in Gaza, against the expressed wishes of the Biden Administration, a new poll shows how much Biden's Israel policy is hurting him with voters. Does he have any moves? Also today: WHO "pandemic treaty" rears its ugly head. Can these authoritarians be stopped?
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    Only watched the first five minutes, but in that time it seems the situation has been a bit over-simplified. "Seventy five thousand bombs...", OOoooo...

    Firstly, I don't trust either party to the door, but we have to start somewhere. Thus far there is no evidence beyond reputation to suggest that the initial attack by Hamas was the result of Israeli machinations. If appearances reflect truth, then I can only ask what would YOU do, were you in Israel's position? Personally, I would have no hesitation to wipe the people of Gaza from the earth, all else equal. If Israel was "up to something" that purposefully precipitated the attack, then fie on them and let them burn to the man. But in the absence of evidence, I cannot fault Israel's response, as horrible as the results have been. They've had enough of the bull$#@!, I suspect. Who wants to blow up at the market on a Tuesday morning? Nobody, I suspect, who is not mentally deranged. And infants in microwaves? Is that also a lie peddled by Jooz?

    The information war is a disaster area such that basically nobody's word can be taken on faith and all the evidence or lack thereof serves only to make the landscape non-readable to sensible men. Between this load of bull$#@!, that between Russia and Ukraine, and all the other wild and wooley idiocies that beset this world, it is a wonder to my mind that things have not flown apart already. The worst of it all is that we have chosen this mess - or rather, a small subset of humanity has foisted virtually all human disaster upon the rest and, even more sadly, that remainder has idly allowed it.

    The Israelis have no obligation to temper their response to the attack, so all this talk against them is a steaming mountainous pile, IMO. Demanding they do so is like demanding that the man about to be murdered temper his defense reaction to his assailant. It is idiotic, prima facie, not to mention its moral depravity. Nobody owes their life to another and no nation owes its existence to another. These calls for temperance are themselves evidence of a deep soul-cancer in those who make them.

    My pity on both sides goes to the children who have done nothing to deserve what has been doled to them.

    ETA: At about 7:46 Daniel McAdams says to the effect that some say Israel's neighbors don't want peace, to which is further says "well that's a long story..." Glossing over a centrally significant and critical point? Really? Has the Liberty Report come to this? It is THE question to be answered that would lend understanding worthy of the word. Long story needs to be paid some very serious attention and not be dismissed as it has been here.
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