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Thread: Massive Fire At Electric Charging Station Factory

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    Massive Fire At Electric Charging Station Factory

    Massive Fire Engulfs Electric Charging Station Factory In Italy

    A massive fire engulfed a factory in Italy’s Bolzano city on Wednesday. The fire began in the morning at the factory belonging to Alpitronic, a company that manufactures fast-charging stations for electric cars. In a video, which was shared on social media, large plumes of smoke can be seen almost completely clouding the sky.

    The post accompanying the video shared that the airspace over Bolzano has been closed for the time being, while residents have been asked to keep their windows closed. In the meantime, firefighters from Bolzano and the neighbouring area, along with technicians from the Environment Agency, are brought in to control the situation. “Alpitronic reassures that its operations remain unaffected by the recent fire. While damage occurred in a section of the “Laurin” warehouse undergoing maintenance, it hasn’t impacted production, research, development, or administrative functions. Employees from nearby offices are safe and will temporarily work remotely,” the tweet added.
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