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Thread: The Speaker Has No Clothes: Massie on Kibbe

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    The Speaker Has No Clothes: Massie on Kibbe

    The Speaker Has No Clothes | Guest: Rep. Thomas Massie | Ep 277
    {Free the People | 01 May 2024}

    Speaker of the House Mike Johnson’s job is in trouble, as many Republicans in Congress are dissatisfied with his lack of leadership and willingness to cozy up to the Democratic opposition. Matt Kibbe is joined by Rep. Thomas Massie, who explains why he’s calling for the speaker to be replaced and outlines what he calls “the three betrayals of Mike Johnson.” First, Johnson abandoned the regular order budgeting process in favor of a massive omnibus bill. Second, he reauthorized warrantless surveillance of Americans by the FISA courts, and third, he is ushering through a military spending package that would send American taxpayer dollars to fund the wars in Ukraine, Israel, and Palestine. To top it all off, Democratic leaders in the House are openly admitting that they want to keep Johnson in power, which speaks volumes about how firm his conservative bona fides really are.

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