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Thread: The US Aid For Ukraine Will Make no difference on the battlefield

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    Post The US Aid For Ukraine Will Make no difference on the battlefield

    It was amusing to see some democrat potlicans wishing death and than saying you loss to MAGA and others who had being agaisnt the Ukrankian war.

    Do brainless morons like those hawkish polticans that were waving the Ukrankian flags understand anything at all? the aid for Ukraine
    will make no difference on the battlefield.

    Take the infamous M1A1 Abrams and British Challenger tanks once those tanks were destroyed by Russian weapons and not just with drones not a single western mainstream news media propaganda outlet dared to question further they instated to sideline the destruction.
    Even claiming those Abrams weren't American but Ukrainian.

    Not a single mainstream news media outlet covered when the M1A1 Abrams was destroyed by a Russian T-72.
    Why is there such media blackout?

    Moreover, others on social media responded that Russia has seen more than 3,000 tanks destroyed in the past 24 months, including a number of its highly-praised T-90 MBTs.
    How many tanks and vehicles did Ukraine lose? this a question like forbes and other Media outlets never dare to question nor to report as those 2,000 Ukrankian tanks were donated by countries donating half of their old soviet tanks..

    While on the topic of the Ukrankian aid.

    The Pentagon spokesman General Patrick Ryder stated.
    “The United States, after signing the military aid bill, will be able to supply the Ukrainian army with ammunition from warehouses in Germany in just a few days.”

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    It will make the battlefield bloodier.

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    The majority of the money won't even make it to the battledield. It goes to bribes and the MIC.

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