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    Trump & FISA

    SPLIT FROM: FISA reauthorization & Section 702 warrantless surveillance

    House blocks FISA reauthorization bill after Trump says ‘kill FISA’

    The GOP-led House voted to block the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act reauthorization bill on the House floor Wednesday after it passed out of the Rules Committee on Tuesday.

    The vote to block the rule providing for House floor consideration of the bill was 228 to 193. The latest vote reportedly marks the seventh time a rule that has failed on the House floor under House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La.

    The "Reforming Intelligence and Securing America Act" would have extended Section 702 of FISA for 5 years. A group of amendments to the bill including a warrant requirement had cleared the Rules Committee on Tuesday night.

    Former President Trump had posted on Truth Social that the GOP should "kill FISA" shortly before the scheduled vote.

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