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    Quote Originally Posted by osan View Post
    OK, then what are your strategy and tactics? Be specific and give reasonable operational detail.
    I'm afraid government has done a sufficiently thorough job of hogging all secrecy unto itself that executing the sort of complex, multi-faceted operation you seem to crave is impossible. I, for one, am playing it by ear. But I have no intention of setting this aside as I go, or forgetting it for one reckless moment:

    Donald J. Trump resembles that remark. Always has. There is no reason to believe that will change.

    You're telling me that you think it's imperative to burn the last shreds of the Constitution to install Trump to kick that damnable can down the road one more time, and you're ready to do it. I say I've been trying to get people to leave the can alone and take this country back for decades. I'm sure not going to stop for a clown show. Why does that bother you now, when it hasn't bothered you for nearly half a century? Because people might be listening to people like me now?
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