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Thread: US to withdraw military personnel from Niger, source says

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    US to withdraw military personnel from Niger, source says

    US to withdraw military personnel from Niger, source says

    WASHINGTON, April 19 (Reuters) - The United States will withdraw its troops from Niger, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters late on Friday, adding an agreement was reached between U.S Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell and Niger's leadership.

    There were a little over 1,000 U.S. troops in Niger as of last year, where the U.S. military operated out of two bases, including a drone base known as Air Base 201 built near Agadez in central Niger at a cost of more than $100 million.

    Since 2018, the base has been used to target Islamic State militants and Jama'at Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen, an al Qaeda affiliate, in the Sahel region.
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    Well, a little good news.

    Ukraine and Israel need that money.
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    I'll bet the CIA stays put.

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    Those troops will not come home and instead will be sent to another country.
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    Niger deploys Russian Wagner forces onto US base.

    Did Prigozhin really die, or just go undercover in Africa?

    Prigozhin in St Petersburg with a Nigerien representative, July 27, 2023. photo.

    Only one month after his "coup" attempt. Meeting with STATE LEADERS in Russia as the point man.

    Why would Putin allow this? It's ridiculous. Then the Wagner tops along with him die in a "plane crash".
    lol. is this from a Steven Segal movie?

    Niger: Concerns Mount As Russian Troops Take Over US Base in Niger

    Russian Military Personnel Move Into Niger Air Base Housing Some US Troops

    There are still US hangers-on at Base 101, although most left for Base 201, which was an expensive drone ops site, and it appears the Pentagon is more apt to vacate 101 competely, but what will it do with 201 is another story. The US doesn't like to be bossed around like this. It basically told Iraq to STFU when they said to leave. Now it's TBD in Niger, and Niger's new leaders want the US gone so much they brought in Russian muscle to help do it if necessary.

    What's it going to be, Pentagon? Give up that drone base in Niger? Fight Wagner and Nigerien forces?
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    I tink if I wanted a central african drone base Id opt for someting more clandestine somewere else , worlds largest fertility rate in Niger. Capital on river tere over a million people, Lots of better places in Africa . Place is pretty crappy overall . Muslim country , big temps , only 20 inces of rain . Imagine Texas w/ no great bars Id put myself a anger down in Congo somwere in middle of nowere , pay a few bribes and nobody would know
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