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Thread: USAF confirms first AI dogfight

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    DARPA doesn’t say which aircraft won the dogfight, however.
    A WWI dogfight was worthy of the name, with aircraft grappling at incredibly close quarters trying to get enough .303 rounds into the other machine to bring it down.

    Mock dogfights these days can't be so definitive. Two aircraft with similar missiles and radar/weapon control lob missiles at each other from far away, and the one who can evade the missile wins. Maybe they both win, maybe they both lose.

    Either way, the military isn't going to tell anyone exactly how good their new toy is at doing it.

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    dogfights are a thing of the past

    AA is too sophisticated now

    and soon will be all-laser DEW

    they can hone in on aircraft and cook them like french fries
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    Quote Originally Posted by Occam's Banana View Post
    Speaking of Star Trek ...

    USAF confirms first AI dogfight
    Star Trek - S01 E23 - A Taste Of Armageddon
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