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Thread: Sweden votes on controversial gender reassignment law

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    Thumbs down Sweden votes on controversial gender reassignment law

    Sweden's, Swedish "Far Right" goes Woke and left.

    Is this the price For Swedish membership being NATO/EU with "rules based international world order" that they have to pay?

    Swedish Parliament Votes to Make Gender Transition Easier, More Accessible to Minors

    “The uncertain state of knowledge calls for caution,” the Bard’s Thomas Linden said in 2022.

    Forget Caution the rules based international world order politicians are pushing simian laws and bills in nearly almost every Western/Euporean Country.

    Sweden has millions of issue and instated of focusing on the important national issues. Pushing gender reassignment law and simiarl bills seems to be the only issue they want to focus upon.

    Never mind the illegal migrants and high crime rate that Sweden has.
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