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Thread: School Dentist..?

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    School Dentist..?

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    You only want the freedoms that will undermine the nation and lead to the destruction of liberty.

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    What would you do? Any advice?
    You're already doing it by posting it online. I would also talk to other parents, and if they don't know already, inform them, and then head over to the next school board meeting. Not to talk to the school board, but to ridicule and embarrass them, and put them on notice concerning their "jobs".

    Schools are to teach, not to diagnose and treat, and certainly not to hand over your children to the government. Kids should never be in a public school to begin with.

    An Agorist Primer ~ Samuel Edward Konkin III (free PDF download)

    The End of All Evil ~ Jeremy Locke (free PDF download)

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    I would let my insurance people know about the scam.

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