FTR, I'm not pro Israel nor do I think it should have been created. I accept that it does exist so not approving the creation of the state is moot. I think flattening Gaza and killing so many Palestinians is criminal but also believe that Hamas really is embedded throughout the strip and fully integrated among the population. Ultimately, I would say my sympathies lie with the Palestinians but I oppose Islam and, certainly, the Muslim Brotherhood, which Hamas is. I want them all to stay put over there and not come here. While I think ALL foreign aid to ANY country should be ended, putting me in agreement with the Marxist minions and muzz who want money and weapons cut off to Israel, I loathe the Marxists and muzz doing the protesting in the west. My feelings about Jews are complex and nuanced and though I don't like Israel, Zionism or the Jewish international, I don't approve of these leftist freaks running around screaming at random Jews. It's a lot like BLM/Antifa in 2020. I hate that US involvement with Israel - and muzz - has brought all this $#@! here. So, with all that in mind, I just read this article which really pissed me off and I would have decked that muzzie bitch if I had been there.

Shocking moment UC Berkeley law students who were invited to Jewish dean's house for dinner turn on him with pro-Palestine rant as his wife begs them to leave

Footage shows how what was meant to be a celebratory dinner at a dean's home for graduating students devolved into a physical fight over the Israel-Hamas war.

The viral video made rounds Wednesday, hours after UC Berkley law students were invited to the Oakland home of School of Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky and his wife the evening before.

The first of three dinners they planned to host, the occasion turned into a confrontation when Malak Afaneh, co-president of Berkeley Law Students for Justice in Palestine, rose to protest the school's investment in arms manufacturers for Israel.

Law school professor Catherine Fisk, Chemerinsky's wife, was filmed trying to snatch the woman's cellphone out of her hand as she filmed, pulling at her clothes, and putting her arm around her as she urged her to leave.

In a statement issued Thursday, Chemerinsky, who is Jewish, asserted that he was 'saddened' by the protest, but said he told the students his home was 'not a forum for free speech.' Others claim the duo violated the student's constitutional rights.

Scroll down for video:

Note how entitled these freaks are to pull that $#@! at someone's home and how the one with the microphone acts and LOOKS. She reminds me a suicide bomber who's almost in a fanatical trance. Really malevolent and extremely passive aggressive. As someone who buys next to zero claims about "antiSemitism", this is one instance where I think that's exactly what this was. They were at the home of a Jewish couple and chose to pull this bull$#@!, knowing full well it was not the place for it and would make these people uncomfortable in their own home, after being nice enough to invite them to dinner. That little performance was aimed directly at their hosts and I hope they all get stripped of their degrees for this - not to mention the issue of thousands of creeps like this infesting our legal system. And, yeah, without Jews pushing their anti white Christian multicultural replacement crap, these creeps wouldn't even be here so the Jews have not just done this to the rest of us but themselves. Now, we're stuck with it.