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Thread: South Carolina "finds" $1.8 billion & doesn't know where it came from

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    South Carolina "finds" $1.8 billion & doesn't know where it came from

    State Finds $1.8 Billion In Secret Account & Does Not Know Where It Is From.
    {Nate The Lawyer | 11 April 2024}

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    Oh! Hey, over here. That’s mine. Sorry about that. Don’t know what I was thinking leaving it there like that!

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    Better than the feds who routinely "discover" trillions missing.
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    lol, effing govt, never competent at anything except pain and suffering
    Do something Danke

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    Must have got the ballot boxes mixed up with the bribe boxes.
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    Aaahhhhh, the sofa cushion fund - state authorities checking beneath the sofa cushions of everyone in the state. Guess I better not joke about that, Newsome might pick up on the idea.
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    Give that money back to the taxpayers.
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