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Thread: Why we don't need government funding for "moonshots"

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    Why we don't need government funding for "moonshots"

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    This isn't specifically about space programs per se.

    It's about "moonshot"-style projects in general (which, of course, includes space programs, but is not limited to them).

    Why We Don't Need Government Funding for "Moonshots"
    {Mises Media | 15 March 2024}

    Christian Sandström is a Swedish economist who joins Bob to discuss his new (co-edited) book, which makes the case that massive government funding projects aren't necessary to promote science or industrial growth.

    Dr. Sandströmm's book, Moonshots and the New Industrial Policy:


    00:00 - Free Book!
    00:28 - Introduction
    03:25 - What is a Moonshot Project?
    10:16 - Keynesianism in the USA vs Austerity in Europe
    12:47 - Contributions to Entrepreneurship Theory in the Book
    20:11 - Human Action Conference Raffle
    20:52 - Empirical Cases in the Book
    26:39 - Are Economists in the USA More Market-Oriented?
    33:33 - The Public Choice Perspective
    39:04 - Changing Paths Through Education

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