Kentucky’s Rand Paul reintroduces Breonna Taylor act to end no-knock warrants in US


Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is reintroducing legislation that would ban no-knock warrants, the legal vehicle that was used to raid the home of Breonna Taylor, who was shot to death by police in Louisville four years ago.

“It is a mistake, there’s a better way of doing things,” said Paul during a Monday news conference with Democratic Rep. Morgan McGarvey, who is sponsoring the House version of the “Justice for Breonna Taylor Act.”

Added Paul, “There’s a lot of better ways to arrest people that don’t involve going in in the middle of the night.”

First introduced in June 2020, just three months after Taylor’s death, the legislation prohibits no-knock warrants, which permit law enforcement officers to enter a premises without first identifying their authority and purpose.

The legislation would stop any law enforcement agency that receives funding from the Department of Justice from executing such warrants without providing notice before entering a residence.

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