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Thread: The ridiculous argument that Hitler privatized industry

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    The ridiculous argument that Hitler privatized industry

    He was a left wing socialist.

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    Yeah, that's a ridiculous notion.

    So, why did he create Volkswagen, or try to? Auto Union and its division that already served that niche in the car market, DKW, didn't pay him enough bribes?
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    While it is widely believed that the Nazi party was responsible for massive, aggressive war campaigns in Europe, mass pogroms against the Jews and mass slaughter of political dissidents, especially Christian Germans who would not join the Nazis on grounds of Scripture and conscience, that was actually all done by the much lesser-known and far more evil Naci-party. Nazi is short for "National Socialist Party", where as Naci is short for "National Capitalist Party". The Nacis were far more evil and murdered far more people than the Nazis who, being good socialists, were actually harmless little puppies.
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