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Thread: The most corrupt mayor in America?

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    Super Mayor Vs The People | Dolton Board Meeting
    {Nate The Lawyer | 04 March 2024}

    Let's watch the madness.

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    Interview With Dolton Trustee Jason House Responds To Super Mayor | Part 1.
    {Nate The Lawyer | 05 March 2024}

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    Embattled Illinois Mayor Tiffany Henyard VETOES town resolution calling for FBI probe into her overspending and says she'll be 'victorious when the dust clears' despite admitting $2million deficit
    Fury erupted at a public meeting as the outspoken Mayor of Dolton quashed a bid to involve the FBI in probe over missing millions
    But the agency is already known to be asking questions in the poor Chicago suburb about dozens of unpaid contractors and allegations of fraud
    'Here......Once again, we have gathered in the depths of a small Cotswold town called Stow-On-the Wold, among the town and country folk, we can witness the lesser spotted Karens, going about other peoples business, in their natural habitat'.......

    -In the voice of Sir David Attenborough

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    Nate the Lawyer's livestream of the meeting w/his commentary was posted here.

    However, it appears he has since made the video private channel-members-only content.

    The source stream of the meeting is linked in the description of the following video:

    Corrupt "Super Mayor" Goes FULL Dictator
    {Actual Justice Warrior | 06 March 2024}

    In this video I discuss the absolute madness that was the latest meeting of the Dolton trustees & the "Super Mayor".


    Board Meeting: [see below - OB]

    Previous Board Meeting: [see this post - OB]

    Regular Board Meeting 3.04.2024
    {Village of Dolton | 05 March 2024}

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occam's Banana View Post
    Interview With Dolton Trustee Jason House Responds To Super Mayor | Part 1.
    {Nate The Lawyer | 05 March 2024}

    Part 2: Trustee Talks Super Mayor Charity Fraud and FBI Allegations.
    {Nate The Lawyer | 09 March 2024}

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    Corrupt "Super Mayor" Sued For Hiding INSANE Crime
    {Actual Justice Warrior | 12 March 2024}

    Local News Report: [see video posted below - OB]

    DISTURBING allegations made against Dolton mayor and elected village trustee
    {NBC Chicago | 11 March 2024}

    The Illinois Department of Human Rights is investigating complaints of sexual harassment and retaliation filed against Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard, the Village of Dolton and Thornton Township.

    NBC Chicago's Regina Waldroup reports.

    Read more here:

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    Super Mayor Under State Investigation For MeToo Assault Cover-Up On Vegas Trip.
    {Nate The Lawyer | 16 March 2024}

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    Court Hands Super Mayor Major Loss Over Bank Records & Accounts
    {Nate The Lawyer | 27 March 2024}

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    First Board Meeting After Court Rules Against Super Mayor | Live
    {Nate The Lawyer | 01 April 2024}

    Court ruled the Clerk must be put back on the bank accounts and the Trustees have a right to the documents.

    This is the First Meeting After the Court ruling.

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    Corrupt "Super Mayor" RAGES At Meeting
    {Actual Justice Warrior | 04 April 2024}

    n this video I discuss the most recent Dolton Board Meeting where the citizens of Dolton went after Tiffany Henyard.

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    Corrupt "Super Mayor" CLOSES Village Hall Over Mean Comments
    {Actual Justice Warrior | 04 April 2024}

    In this video I discuss the recent closure of the Dolton village hall over mean comments being interpreted as threats by the "Super Mayor".

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    The farce that keeps on giving ...

    Lori Lightfoot To Investigate Corrupt "Super Mayor"
    {Actual Justice Warrior | 09 April 2024}

    In this video I discuss the latest developments in the corrupt "Super Mayor" Tiffany Henyard story. I explain the stunning development that the Dolton Board Of Trustees has sought the help of former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to investigate Henyard & why that sounds like an awful deal.

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    Super Mayor Faces Criminal Investigation, Massive Protests And A Lightfoot.
    {Nate The Lawyer | 16 April 2024}

    00:00 - Race Card Rejected
    00:56 - Who is Tiffany Henyard
    02:32 - Budget Deficit
    05:14 - Police OT
    07:22 - Las Vegas
    09:04 - Assault in Vegas
    12:45 - Lori Lightfoot Hired
    17:15 - Henyard Plays the Race Card
    18:45 - Outro

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    INDICTED | Tiffany Henyard's Finance Chief Busted For FRAUD, Facing 5 Years.
    {Nate The Lawyer | 16 April 2024}

    We Read The Indictment

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    Corrupt Super Mayor's Right Hand Man INDICTED
    {Actual Justice Warrior | 23 April 2024}

    In this video I discuss the recent indictment top of "Super Mayor" ally Keith Freeman for lying on his bankruptcy documents, which may end up leading to him flipping on the Super Mayor.


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    Federal Grand Jury Issues Subpoenas To Dolton Super Mayor & Allies In Criminal Investigation
    {Nate The Lawyer | 24 April 2024}

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    FBI RAIDS Corrupt "Super Mayor"
    {Actual Justice Warrior | 24 April 2024}

    In this video I discuss the recent raid by the FBI on the Village Of Dolton hall which appears to be the next step to bringing down the corrupt "Super Mayor".


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    It's OVER For Corrupt "Super Mayor"
    {Actual Justice Warrior | 27 April 2024}

    In this video I discuss the federal subpoenas that were issued in the village of Dolton & the implications for the Corrupt "Super Mayor".


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    Lawyers Abandon Corrupt "Super Mayor" After Second Raid
    {Actual Justice Warrior | 29 April 2024}

    In this video I discuss the second raid the corrupt Super Mayor faced as well ass her lawyers quitting on her shortly after the raid.


    Local News Segment On 2nd Raid:
    Law Firm Quits:
    Full Super Mayor Playlist:

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    Super Mayor’s Lawyers Quit, New FBI Subpoenas, and Mass Protest. The End Is Near.
    {Nate The Lawyer | 30 April 2024}

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    Corrupt "Super Mayor" RUNNING Scared
    {Actual Justice Warrior | 04 May 2024}

    In this video I discuss the subpoenas demanding records from the "Super Mayor" Tiffany Henyard.


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    Livestream in seven hours (6:30 PM EST):

    Super Mayor's First Board Meeting After FBI Subpoenas & Indictment
    {Nate The Lawyer | 06 May 2024}

    Dolton Village monthly board meeting with Mayor Tiffany Henyard and trustees after they hired Former Mayor Lightfoot. Grand Jury looking into claims of corruption.

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    Corrupt "Super Mayor" Is BREAKING DOWN
    {Actual Justice Warrior | 14 May 2024}

    [no description]

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    Corrupt "Super Mayor" CAUGHT Scamming Taxpayers
    {Actual Justice Warrior | 27 May 2024}

    In this video I discuss the recent scandal around the Super Mayor and her trip to go see President Joe Biden. I explain how this seemingly simple error on her part is indicative a larger pattern of corruption.


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    Livestream T-minus ~ 16 hours

    Tiffany Henyard Vs Dolton Trustees Board Meeting LIVE
    {Nate The Lawyer | 03 June 2024}

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    State Passes Law To Stop Super Mayor | Meeting Turns Into Brawl | More Lawsuits
    {Nate The Lawyer | 06 June 2024}

    00:00 - Intro
    01:33 - Who Is Tiffany Henyard
    02:36 - Past Controversies
    05:15 - New Updates
    09:13 - Lori vs Tiffany
    12:09 - Protest

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    Corrupt "Super Mayor" ATTACKS Children
    {Actual Justice Warrior | 15 June 2024}

    In this video I discuss the "Super Mayor" taking revenge on the Park's District that she has had a long standing dispute with.


    Local Segment On Auto Show:
    New Segment:
    Corrupt Super Mayor Playlist:

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    Governor & AG vs. Super Mayor | Employees' Funds Vanishes | Henyard Responds Claiming
    {Nate The Lawyer | 25 June 2024}


    00:00 - Intro
    02:46 - Ground News
    03:58 - FBI Investigation
    05:18 - Deputy Fraud Charge
    06:31 - AG Approves Lightfoot
    08:55 - Other Mayor Call For Resignation
    10:02 - Paying For Stylist With Taxpayer Money
    12:49 - Pay to Play Scheme
    15:10 - Trustee Turns On Henyard
    17:18 - Henyard Responds
    21:44 - Outro

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    Live in ~2 hours (6:30 PM EDT)

    Dolton Board Meeting Live | The FBI Closes In On the Super Mayor
    {Nate The Lawyer | 01 July 2024}

    Here is the agenda for the meeting [PDF file]:

    Plenty of action is expected at the upcoming Dolton village board meeting on July 1. This highly anticipated meeting comes after a chaotic previous session, with residents and officials at odds. Tensions are high, especially following recent subpoenas and ongoing lawsuits involving Mayor Tiffany Henyard and Trustee Andrew Holmes. Allegations from an economic development trip to Las Vegas continue to fuel controversy, and former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been hired as a special investigator. Join us to witness the expected drama and hear from those involved as the community seeks answers and accountability.

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    Corrupt "Super Mayor" ROBS Firefighters
    {Actual Justice Warrior | 13 July 2024}

    In this video I discuss the village of Dolton firefighters exposing the fact that the Super Mayor has stolen from their healthcare and retirement funds.


    Local News Segment: [link is missing - OB]
    Corrupt Super Mayor Playlist:


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