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Thread: Jon Stewart Draws Liberal Anger for Criticizing Biden

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    "Foreign aid is taking money from the poor people of a rich country, and giving it to the rich people of a poor country." - Ron Paul
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptUSA View Post
    So, you don't demand any of the same from the guy leading the GOP??? Especially, since he already was in charge once and did none of those things.

    Personally, I'm still undecided on which fate would be worse to saddle my children and grandchildren with, but I really like RFK throwing a monkey wrench into the DNC's plans.

    I wonder if Jon Stewart will have RFK on??? lol
    I expect problems with Trump but have some confidence in that handful of senators & reps (who I and many others here have supported in the past) to exert pressure on him. Under such circumstances, there will be some democrats who may vote with these particular republicans out of sheer spite - enabling them to quell Trump's less libertarian impulses. (Also a lot of rats are abandoning the sinking government ship, so we may be able to get some new blood in there.)

    With Biden as president, I expect a continuation of every flavor of corruption, all around, permeating every aspect of our lives. At this moment in time, there are approximately ZERO democrats holding office who believe that fairness and rationality matter, so for each democrat it's entirely about increasing their own wealth and power. Morality is irrelevant. With that level of corruption, it is impossible to make any gains. I find that situation hopeless. Dems simply ran out of good guys some years back.

    As for Trump the man - at least I know he prefers western civilization to anything else!

    Trump doesn't hate me, even if he's oblivious to me. He's aware that Americans have traditionally - at least tried, striven - to hold to a certain standard of decency which some other cultures don't contemplate. Yes, plenty of selfish scumbags here too, but the bulk of us have some inkling of right and wrong and experience guilt over our $#@!tier behaviors. Some cultures don't seem to do that - we see them in violent videos. I feel confident that Trump sees the value of traditional Americans, and is not looking to utterly replace me for some globalist payoff.

    Dems consider me garbage and are fine with replacing me. They want stupider people who just want that free $#@! - easier to control.

    I can't totally judge Trump by what he failed to do in his first term, because he had so much and so many working against him. Has their ever been so much backstabbing of an American president? We don't yet even know the full extent of it.

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    So I just watched this, and yes it was entertaining and funny, but it seems clear to me that JS was brought back on the stage to ensure Biden gets kicked to the curb. He can corral the Dem base in the process.

    The court jester is the biggest propagandist at all. And JS absolutely has an agenda even if he gets things right sometimes.
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    "A politician will do almost anything to keep their job, even become a patriot" - Hearst

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    The Return Of John Stewart | Part Of The Problem 1096
    {Dave Smith | 22 February 2024}

    On this episode of Part Of The Problem, Dave and Robbie take a look at John Stewarts first episode back on The Daily Show, and his take down of Tucker Carlson. We then hear from Nancy Pelosi on her thoughts on Donald Trump and the decision against him, and finally we watch Morning Joe have a meltdown about China and Taiwan.

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