I don't think anyone here's posted about it, but did you watch Sheriff Rick Jones of Butler County Ohio spill the beans on the national briefing in DC? Jones had a local press briefing that was aired all over Ohio. Although you may cringe in the beginning when he talks about Israel/Hamas and Oct 7th stay with it because he's revealing the script they are going to use when the False Flag hits the U.S. Now, even if you think it won't be a False Flag which is also possible, then you still have to admit that by definition is was intentionally allowed to happenbecause we're disregarding everyone around the world we're making enemies of, and we've allowed somewhere between 5 and 10 million anybodies from 160 countries into our streets just in the last 3 years, and our government knows some of them are going to attack us. Whatever specifically is planned is going to rock the U.S. to its core, and it's going to hurt us in ways 911 never did. This is what the FBI is telling law enforcement.
For those who aren't American, understand that our sheriffs are the most powerful law enforcement in most of the country. They are elected. Sometimes they knock heads with the Feds because they can claim jurisdiction over them. In the minority of states, esp. the old ones like in New England, there are no sheriffs at all. There are State Troopers under the governor and Municipal Police forces under the mayors instead. All states, however, have their National Guards. Sheriff Jones revealed that the meetings were not only with the sheriffs but the police department chiefs, so this was the whole country there, being briefed by Christopher Wray (and others).
Sheriff Jones is so alarmed by what he heard that he's pressuring the Ohio gov to declare all undocumenteds illegal and deputize hundreds of citizens because he was told the National Guard and US Armed Forces (most of them are not even here!) aren't going to be able to save us.

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