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Thread: Nano Sensors and Telepathy

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    Nano Sensors and Telepathy

    Elon Musk recently made news again when he announced on January 29th that his company Neuralink “implanted a ‘brain-reading’ device into a person for the first time.” Commenting on X (formerly known as Twitter), Musk said that, “Initial results show promising neuron spike detection.”

    Commonly known as a BCI (brain–computer interfaces), the device is aimed at initially helping people with paralysis control things like wheelchairs, computers and common devices using just their thoughts alone.

    The problem with Neuralink’s devices and other BCIs is that it is invasive, it requires surgery and the installation of a device to detect neural activity. This is where nanosensors may play a big role in the detection of brain activity.

    Researchers at UC Santa Cruz announced in June of 2021 that they have created a nano particle capable of wirelessly recording brain activity. Named “NeuroSWARM3”, the nano sensor with size of about 200 nano meters (a single human hair is about 60,000–100,000 nano meters).

    "NeuroSWARM3 can convert thoughts (brain signals) to remotely measurable signals for high precision brain-machine interfacing,” said Yanik. “It will enable people suffering from physical disabilities to effectively interact with external world and control wearable exoskeleton technology to overcome limitations of the body. It could also pick up early signatures of neural diseases.” — source
    As I wrote about in a previous post, with the use of fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) and the help of AI, researchers were able to convert brain scan images into text. They were even able to convert brain scans into images of what the participants were seeing.

    The issue was that use of a big MRI machine was needed to detect brain activity. With the advent of Neuralink and nano technologies like NeuroSWARM3, the ability for governments to see into our thoughts is already here.
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    it's not mind-reading, not even internally, and it's certainly not telepathy.
    it's just electric impulses.
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