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Thread: To Bomb or Not to Bomb Iran: That Is the Question

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    To Bomb or Not to Bomb Iran: That Is the Question

    To Bomb or Not to Bomb Iran: That Is the Question
    Air strikes must be proportional to presumed gains, as well as anticipated losses.
    Douglas Macgregor - Feb 4, 2024

    Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Monday that it was “an incredibly volatile time in the Middle East.” The world, Blinken said, has “not seen a situation as dangerous as the one we’re facing now across the region since at least 1973, and arguably even before that.”

    In response to Blinken’s astute evaluation, President Biden is “virtue signaling” to Washington’s war party that he too is willing to pointlessly bomb targets in the Middle East. In Washington, to do otherwise is to appear weak, something that presidents frequently conclude the leader of the world’s superpower cannot do.

    Tehran made it clear that any strike on its territory is a redline and bombing any part of Iranian territory “would be met with an appropriate response.” Make no mistake, a strategic bombing campaign directed at Iran sends a clear and unambiguous message: The United States is at war with the Iranian State, its people, and its armed forces.

    At this point, whether Biden does or does not remove Iran from his target list, Americans should still beware. There is no shortage of bombing activists inside the beltway who are convinced that war with Iran is the only solution to Iran’s hostility to Israel.

    Bombing is not diplomacy, but politicians like it because it conveys the impression of substantive action. Bombing is neither a strategy nor a simple exercise in virtue signaling. Bombing is an act of war. Bombing does not contain conflict, nor does bombing deter an opponent from future action. If anything, bombing escalates tension and leads to all-out war.
    American bombing campaigns fail to do more than temporarily suppress opposing forces because they are always based on the questionable assumption that the opponent can be compelled to submit to Washington’s political demands with air strikes alone.

    Though not intended to do so, targeting positions in Iraq, Iran, or Syria could lead the United States into a wider Middle Eastern regional war. Questions crucial to the military methods and strategy must be studied and answered in detail. It seems unlikely that this careful staff work has been accomplished at this early date.

    What is America’s goal? How does striking Iran end the war in Gaza? Why is striking Iran in the U.S. national interest? Air strikes must be proportional to presumed gains, as well as anticipated losses. Hitting a target from which a missile was launched is not retribution.
    Americans may also resist the idea that Americans in uniform are putting their lives on the line in defense of Israel’s horrific campaign of expulsion and killing in Gaza, especially when Biden can halt the campaign in Gaza with just a phone call. Americans must realize that Israel will be hard-pressed to defend itself against Hezbollah’s thousands of missiles, let alone Iran’s precision-guided theater ballistic missiles.

    These points notwithstanding, Israeli PM Netanyahu remains determined to complete his task of expelling or destroying the Palestinian population in Gaza. Today, Washington is unconditionally supportive of his policy. Whether a pause in the fighting is agreed or not, Israel’s war is just beginning.
    More: https://www.theamericanconservative....-the-question/
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    Not bombing Iran is the desired outcome.
    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration is minding my own business."

    Calvin Coolidge

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    Jer. 11:18-20. "The Kingdom of God has come upon you." -- Matthew 12:28

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