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Thread: CA - new law requires police to tell you why they pulled you over

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    CA - new law requires police to tell you why they pulled you over

    New Law Requires Police to Tell You Why They Pulled You Over
    {Steve Lehto | 21 December 2023}

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    Dont see that it makes any difference, they just lie
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    Relevant bit starts @ 3:20

    Cops Can't Ask THIS QUESTION Anymore!
    {LackLuster | 28 December 2023}

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    Another State Bans 'Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over?'
    {Steve Lehto | 10 June 2024}

    But the rule has no remedy.

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    Awesome! Every win is a win.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmdrake View Post
    Awesome! Every win is a win.
    A tweak by government is a win? I'll consider it a win when the people decide that victimless crimes should not be fined or punished. Let the private insurance companies determine what the penalty should be based on damage to person or property.

    Tweak tweak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmdrake View Post
    Awesome! Every win is a win.
    It would make little diff I think . They just make something up is my experience. In two occasions here in Southern In ive been blatantly lied to about why I was pulled over and I never even asked. There was no reason to lie .On one occasion I was on a rural road and cop came by me from other way and turned around and pulled me over checking Lic and reg . Once concluded said he pulled me over because hitch obstructed part of view of my lic plat . That isnt true because plates here are on rear of vehicle and he didnt see that from front of my blazer and was no obstructed view . On another occasion I was pulled over by the actual County sheriff who followed me for a few miles after a long posted lower mph stretch on a hwy. that included a school zone I saw him pull out behind me a long ways behind me and I was driving 38 in a 40 the whole time . I know he ran my plate which wouldve come back clean then he pulled me over anyway after a few miles and ran my lic . In parting he said wear my seat belt ( which I had on ) and I was going a little fast . All lies. As far as Im concerned they are all liars and thieves, every single one. They do it so much they do it by nature even when not needed. I never asked , I didnt need to I already knew there was no reason. They are just basically making random stops looking for drug , alcohol type offenses or warrants, Revenue raising which is only purpose.
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