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Thread: Open Warfare at Hungarian Border: Migrants Shoot Their Way Through

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    Open Warfare at Hungarian Border: Migrants Shoot Their Way Through

    The violence of asylum seekers flooding into Europe is becoming increasingly brutal. As Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced today, Tuesday, in the parliament in Budapest, migrants in the past nights have been shooting at Hungarian border guards with automatic weapons. Already, 168 border guards are reported to have been seriously injured at the southern border of the country, Orbán said, noting that the illegal immigrants had “crossed the Rubicon” with this act.

    Exxpress reported similar incidents at the Serbian border back in June: there were also shootouts with border guards, and the migrants were said to have worn combat gear.

    Hungary plans to protect its borders with citizens

    Hungary’s migration policy remains successful despite the violence at the borders: nearly 130,000 illegal border crossings have been prevented this year alone. Furthermore, the Hungarian government plans to deploy citizen militias to combat illegal migration in the future.

    Latest news from the Hungarian border: the pressure of illegal migration is mounting due to the failed policies of Brussels. Hungary has blocked over 125,000 illegal border-crossing attempts just this year. We will protect our borders, but we need a change in #Brussels if we want…
    — Orbán Viktor (@PM_ViktorOrban) September 20, 2023

    Orbán: Lampedusa asylum seekers are an “invasion army”

    The already catastrophic situation is unlikely to improve in the near future as tens of thousands of asylum migrants, mostly young and male, continue to aim for Europe. Orbán himself referred to the illegal migrants arriving in large numbers on the Italian island of Lampedusa as an “invasion army.”

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    Coming soon to a border near you.
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    It’s not an invasion. Just families seeking asylum from, uh, tyranny.
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