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Thread: The Road To Ruin: U.S. Government Adds $1 Trillion In Debt In 3 Months!

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    The Road To Ruin: U.S. Government Adds $1 Trillion In Debt In 3 Months!

    The Road To Ruin: U.S. Government Adds $1 Trillion In Debt In 3 Months!

    It took the U.S. federal government almost 200 years to rack up $1 Trillion in debt. The latest trillion to be added took a mere 3 months! Far too many Americans have come to believe that, instead of protecting individual liberty, the U.S. government can be everything to everyone. Meanwhile, members of government have come to believe that, not only can they perform such an impossible task, but they can perform it for the entire world! This massive delusion is racing towards a massive bankruptcy.
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    Can't wait until our national debt gets up to 60 trillion, if the country is still surviving by that point.
    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration is minding my own business."

    Calvin Coolidge

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    I'm tempted to be perplexed at how it is that this thing hasn't come apart yet. But then I consider that some of those trillions seem to have vaporized into the ether. What if those dollars aren't actually in circulation? It might help explain some of what we're seeing... or not seeing.

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