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Thread: Where was your gun made?

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    Where was your gun made?

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    Made in the USA: A List of where gun makers manufacture

    Jim Harmer
    Updated on
    July 29, 2023

    It’s important to know where your firearms come from if you are a conscious consumer who wants to make sure your money is only going to places you support.

    IMPORTANT NOTE! I took the time to call about 90% of the companies on this list to verify which models are “Made in the USA.” I’ve gone to every extent I can to find each product’s origin; however, I can’t know who their suppliers are. You will need to do additional research if you wish to know where each component comes from, where the metals come from, etc.

    Company Where It’s Made Note
    Armalite USA Armalite is based in Arizona, where it manufactures its firearms. Armalite is owned by Strategic Armory Corp. Most “AR” style firearms are not produced by Armalite.
    Barrett USA Barrett manufactures its firearms in the USA. It is headquartered in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
    Bear Creek Arsenal USA Bear Creek Arsenal is headquartered in Sanford, North Carolina where it manufactures all of its firearms.
    Benelli Italy Benelli manufactures all of its firearms in Italy where the company is headquartered. They have a non-manufacturing office in Accokeek, Maryland.
    Beretta Italy and USA Beretta manufactures firearms in Italy and Tennessee. The Bobcat, Tomcat, 1301, some 92X handguns, and some a300 shotguns are made in the USA.
    Bergara Spain Bergara manufactures all of its rifles in Spain.
    Bersa Argentina Bersa makes all of their firearms at their manufacturing facility in Ramos-Mejia, Argentina.
    Blaser Germany Blaser manufactures its firearms in Isny im Allgäu, Germany. They have a non-manufacturing office in San Antonio, Texas.
    Browning USA, Japan, Portugal, Belgium While Browning is a USA company with headquarters in Utah, it partners with foreign manufacturers to produce most of its products. Only the Buck Mark, 1911-22, and 1911-380 pistols are made in the USA. Most of its guns are produced in Japan, but some are produced in Portugal and Belgium. Browning is owned by FN, which is headquartered in Belgium.
    Bushmaster USA All Bushmaster firearms are made in the USA. It is headquartered in Carson City, Nevada.
    Canik Turkey and USA Canik engineers and manufactures all of its firearms in Turkey. It is named after a mountain in northern Turkey. They now also make MC9 and 50 cals in their new Florida facility which is producing 10,000 guns per month (as of mid-2023).
    Charles Daly Various The Charles Daly trademark has traded hands and has been used to brand firearms manufactured in Italy, Turkey, the Phillippines, USA, and Israel.
    Chiappa Italy All Chiappa firearms are manufactured in Italy. The company has a US presence in Dayton, Ohio.
    Christensen USA All Christensen Firearms are made in the USA. Its headquarters and manufacturing facility is in Gunnison, Utah.
    Colt USA with ties to the Czech Republic Colt firearms are generally manufactured in the USA, but CZ, a Czech company, owns the brand and may move some of its manufacturing abroad.
    Cooper USA Cooper rifles are made in Montana.
    CVA Spain CVA rifles are made in Bergara, Spain. CVA is owned by the same parent company as Bergara. All CVA rifles use Bergara barrels. Many CVA rifles say “Lawrenceville, Georgia” as well, which is where they are distributed.
    CZ Czech Republic and USA ZČeská zbrojovka does most of its manufacturing in the Czech Republic, but makes the P-10 series handgun and the Scorpion in Kansas City, Kansas. CZ also owns Colt.
    Daniel Defense USA Daniel Defense firearms are manufactured in the USA. They have manufacturing facilities in Georgia and South Carolina.
    Desert Tech USA Desert Tech is headquartered in Utah and their products are made in the USA.
    Faxon USA Faxon is headquartered in Ohio and produces full firearms, components, and is a popular OEM for several other firearms companies.
    Fierce USA Starting in 2021, Fierce moved all manufacturing to its facility in Redmond, Utah. In the past, the Fierce Rival was produced in the USA, but the Fierce Edge was manufactured in Canada.
    FN Herstal USA and Belgium All FN firearms purchased in the USA are also manufactured in the USA, except the FN Five-SeveN, which is made in Belgium. FN has a US subsidiary, but the parent company is from Belgium.
    Franchi Italy Franchi makes its rifles in Italy. Franchi is owned by Benelli, which is also an Italian company.
    Glock Austria and USA Glock manufactures most of its firearms in Austria, but does some manufacturing in the USA. The Glock 42 is only manufactured in the United States, but some serial numbers of other Glock lines are also produced in the USA as well as Austria.
    Henry USA Henry firearms are made in the USA. After all, their tagline is “Made in the USA, or not at all.”
    Heritage USA Heritage Firearms is owned by Taurus, which has facilities in the USA and Brazil; however, all Heritage products are made in the USA.
    Hi-Point USA All Hi-Point firearms are made in Ohio and Michigan. The Hi-Point headquarters is in Mansfield, Ohio.
    HK (Heckler and Koch) Germany, USA Most HK firearms are made in Germany, but they do some manufacturing in the USA and are continuing to expand their USA manufacturing.
    Howa Japan, Australia Most Howa rifles are manufactured in Japan. The TSPX is designed and manufactured in Australia… where they print the American flag huge on the chassis.
    IWI Israel, USA IWI makes most of its products in Israel. The only product it produces 100% in the USA is the Zion AR. Some of its products use partial USA manufacturing for 922R compliance.
    Kahr USA The company headquarters is in Greeley, Pennsylvania and their manufacturing facility is in Worcester, Massachusetts.
    Kalashnikov USA All Kalashnikov firearms are now made in the USA. While the company has Russian roots, it now operates in Florida where it produces all of the company’s guns.
    Kel-Tec USA All Kel-Tec firearms are made in the USA. The company is headquartered in Florida.
    Kimber USA Kimber firearms are made in Troy, Alabama. The company was previously headquartered in New York, but moved its headquarters due to New York’s gun laws.
    Marlin USA Marlin firearms are made in the USA. Marlin is owned by Ruger, which is also a USA company.
    Mauser Germany Owned by Blaser.
    Mossberg USA, Turkey Most Mossberg firearms are made in the USA, except for its over-under shotguns and rimfire guns which are made in Turkey. The company is headquartered in Connecticut, but most of its manufacturing is done in Texas.
    Palmetto State Armory (PSA) USA PSA manufactures firearms in Columbia, South Carolina.
    Rem Arms (Remington) USA Rem Arms is headquartered and does all of its manufacturing in LaGrange, Georgia.
    Rock Island Armory USA and Philippines Most RIA guns are made in the Philippines. Rock Island makes the VRF14 and RIA-USA in its new Cedar City, Utah facility. They also have facilities in Montana and Pahrump, Nevada.
    Ruger USA All Ruger firearms are made in the USA. It has facilities in Arizona, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. Ruger owns Marlin.
    Sako Finland All Sako firearms are engineered and manufactured in Finland.
    Sarsilmaz Turkey Sarsilmaz engineers and manufactures its firearms in Turkey. It is the largest firearms manufacturer in Turkey, having been in business since 1880.
    Savage USA, Canada, Turkey Most Savage products, including all Savage 110 models, are manufactured in the USA. Most or all of its rimfire products, as well as the Series 64, are manufactured in Canada. Some shotguns are made in Turkey.
    Seekins Precision USA Seekins Precision manufactures its firearms in Lewiston, Idaho.
    Shadow Systems USA All of Shadow Systems’ firearms are made in Plano, Texas and all their parts are machined in-house.
    Sig Sauer USA All Sig Sauer firearms are made in the USA. The company was founded in Switzerland and had ties to Germany early on, but for decades now, all firearms have been made in the USA.
    Smith & Wesson USA All Smith and Wesson firearms are made in the USA.
    Springfield Armory USA and Croatia All Springfield Armory firearms today are made in the USA, except for the XD and Hellcat lines of pistols which are made in a Springfield-owned facility in Croatia. Their 1911 models had frames and slides manufactured in Brazil until 2010, but now they are all made in the USA. The company is headquartered in Geneseo, Illinois.
    Stag Arms USA All Stag Arm firearms are made in Wyoming, USA.
    Steyr USA, Austria Steyr is an Austrian company but operates a small manufacturing facility in Alabama to make some of their guns in the USA.
    Stoeger Italy Owned by Benelli/Beretta.
    Taurus USA and Brazil Taurus makes firearms in Brazil and the USA. For example, the GX4 parts are manufactured in Brazil and assembled in Bainbridge, Georgia. Taurus firearms that receive the “Heritage” branding are made in Bainbridge, Georgia. Firearms with the “Rossi” branding are made in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
    Thompson Center USA Thompson Center is owned by Smith & Wesson. The brand is mostly defunct.
    Tikka Finland All Tikka guns are engineered and manufactured in Finland. Tikka is owned by Sako, a Finnish company.
    Tokarev Turkey Tokarev guns are made in Turkey and distributed from their USA headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee.
    Vudoo USA Vudoo has an office in St. George, Utah where they design and manufacture all of their rifles. The CEO of Vudoo, Paul Parrot, is a US Army veteran.
    Walther USA, Germany Walther manufactures firearms in the USA and Germany. The PPK, 380, and newer models of the PPS are produced in the USA. Check your serial number or the “Made in” stamp on the gun to know where yours was produced.
    Weatherby USA and Japan Weatherby rifles are manufactured both in the United States and in Japan. The Mark V line is all manufactured in the USA, but the Vanguard line is made in Japan. Weatherby is headquartered in Sheridan, Wyoming.
    Wilson Combat USA Wilson Combat is headquartered in Berryville, Arkansas.
    Winchester Belgium, Turkey, Japan, Portugal Winchester firearms are made in the USA, Belgium, Turkey, and Portugal. Its SX3 and model 101 are made in Belgium and assembled in Portugal. Its Model 70, XPR, and SX4 are made in Portugal. Its SXP and Wildcat are made in Turkey. Most of its lever guns are made in Japan. Winchester is owned by FN, which is headquartered in Belgium.
    Zastava Serbia Zastava manufactures all of its firearms in Serbia.
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    Most of mine are made in US , Belgium , Turkey , Spain , Italy but Ive probably had weapons made in every country on the list. Like tools some are better than others but you'll be happy you had it when you need it
    Do something Danke

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