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Thread: How long can you survive without an income?

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    Question How long can you survive without an income?

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    At least a year without losing comfort. Actual survival; very long. I have enough food in the freezer to last a few months without purchasing anything.
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    From 3 June until 12 November 2015 my bank accounts were illegally blocked by the Rabobank, whose legal department in 2014 had featured Princess Viktoria.

    I survived by eating at homeless shelters, which I only found out about in the second half of July. I lost more than 15 kg in 6 weeks.
    I miraculously prevented being thrown out of my rented apartment which normally happens if you don’t pay the rent for 3 months. If that happens in the Kingdom of the Netherlands you have even less rights…

    There are supposed human rights, but in a Kingdom these protections are obviously not for everybody.
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