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Thread: Crossing America's Rubicon

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    Crossing America's Rubicon

    Crossing America's Rubicon

    The attachment to the ideas of Liberty were so strong at America's founding, that its enemies knew it would take centuries to reverse. Authoritarians are extremely patient. Decade-after-decade, freedom is stripped away. Each generation is acclimated into being less free; never knowing the liberties that their ancestors once enjoyed. It can all be reversed, of course. Americans can always experience a renaissance of Liberty, if they want it bad enough.
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    I question his "optimistic view" in the sense that Theye will not just pick up their marbles and go home to sulk if they were to be opposed nontrivially. We likely have an insufficient understanding of the technologies in Theire hands. I would expect that were Americans to unite against Themme, Theye would then hit back with the big one... most likely an engineered pathogen that would do the job on us for keeps.

    For those who scoff at this, consider that we have little idea where at least fifty years of Pentagon "black budget" funds went. I doubt Theye were saving the lives of starving children across the globe with it. Those people are playing for keeps. Theye have a definite set of goals and there is apparent a clear determination to achieve them, by hook or by crook. Given the "plan", which seems to include alongside global dominion, a major and precipitous reduction in the "surplus" human population, I seriously doubt that those positions and goals popped out of Jed Clampett's ass last Tuesday after Granny cooked up some bad road-kill for breakfast. It seems likely that these goals have been simmering on the back burner for over a century, including the Malthusian worldview.

    I would also point out that Theye are so very obviously poking at us, which begs the question of "why?" Indeed, I see Theire general strategy being one of a multi-pronged attack. Put the gronk on as many aspects of everyones' lives as possible, ever more narrowly corralling the useless eaters such that they become faced with a choice: submit utterly or go to war. It is my firm suspicion that no matter which path we choose in ultimate response to these acts of war (and make no mistake about it, this is by all means full-throttle, balls-to-the-walls warfare that is being waged), Theye will have the preplanned response. If we fold, Theye win by default, game over. If we fight, Theye unleash God only knows what hellish response, such as the real deal plague, or even lighting off a series of nukes to EMP the chosen power grids, which means certain death for millions or even billions, providing plausible deniability such that the stunned and eventually starving people of the affected regions have no mental basis for further rebellion, as their immediate survival becomes the most immediate concern. That circumstance, too, may be played in several different ways: "government" as noble savior, "government" as now bald-faced dictators ready and willing to butcher all disobedience, some combination of the two... who can say? But rest assured that this has been set up such that no matter what we do, Theye will be in the enviable position of winning no matter how we respond to Theire prods and provocations... or at least so Theye think. But warfare, being the nonlinear creature that it tends, can sometimes blow up in the faces of those who seem to hold all the cards, so I would not yet assess the situation as hopeless. I would, however, say that our prospects are looking rather bleak as things currently stand, and that no matter how we respond, reasserting our sovereignty in the face of the raging Global Despot is now going be an enormously costly and risk-heavy proposition because Theye do indeed hold ALL the cards - not because they do in fact hold them all, but because our collective, statistical failings have lead us to a mental posture that basically threatens to give the farm away to Themme, on a silver platter no less.

    We are in a very bad corner and it will take a miracle to get out of it. And as always, I ask the ever-ignored question: what will we do in the aftermath, assuming we emerge victorious? My bad feeling there is that we will revert to that which we know: tyranny, dressed perhaps in different clothing, but tyranny in any event because the thing which Theye have so successfully and so deeply altered has been mind. The average man's mode of thinking, the most basic and tacitly held assumptions that underpin his entire world view, are unlikely to have changed enough to allow the world to maintain whatever liberties we might wrest from Theire cold, dead hands. The pattern is thousands of years old and is as predictable as a Democrat's hankering to go lynch himself a negro on Friday nights.

    None of this need be the case, and yet on the whole we seem unwilling to live any better. Tyrants always arise from the ashes of revolution and always infect the healthy with Theire cancers. i have come to suspect that civilization itself has given rise and run to this most sadly unfortunate characteristic of the mean man. Tragic.
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    There is only one correct way: freedom. All other solutions are non-solutions.

    It appears that artificial intelligence is at least slightly superior to natural stupidity.

    Our words make us the ghosts that we are.

    Convincing the world he didn't exist was the Devil's second greatest trick; the first was convincing us that God didn't exist.

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