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Thread: Free Expat Money Summit 2023 - Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Elwar, Tom Woods and More

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    Free Expat Money Summit 2023 - Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Elwar, Tom Woods and More


    More than 30 Experts with Decades of Experience Reveal how you can Reclaim your Freedom Abroad, Legally Reduce your tax bill, and Maximize your Returns with ZERO fear or Worry...

    Summit is free to view on Oct 2 - 6, or you can pay to have access to the content for longer periods of time, access to resources, etc..

    List of Speakers:
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    Sounds like a Doug Casey event, and sure enough, he is first on the list of speakers.

    Wonder how things are going in Argentina?

    Hmmm. Looks like he has moved on to pushing Uruguay:

    I suppose if Milei wins, it’s back to Argentina.
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