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Thread: That Time the Soviets Tried to Abolish Money

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    Lightbulb That Time the Soviets Tried to Abolish Money

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    The Fed is an arm of the Marxist 5th-column which was tasked by the globalists to infiltrate the United States. It was founded in 1913 but the globalists had been trying to establish a central bank in the US since the founding of the country and the Fed is actually their third attempt, which was "successful".

    Marxism is all about the abolition of money. The con is so dead-simple that it's embarrassing to have to spell it out. Nevertheless, the arctic blizzard of propaganda surrounding this topic requires that such simple facts be spelled out, even though it is a lot like spelling out that the sky is, in fact, blue. People don't like to pay higher prices for the things they used to buy. Unfortunately, in a changing world, with an an honest money economy, prices will sometimes rise, even for basic necessities. When people find themselves unable to afford a basic necessity, they blame the obstacle directly in front of them: the price. Nevermind that the price is simply the last link in a long chain of causes-and-effects of which they are almost completely ignorant. Marxism, then, offers the false promise of "free goods & services", at least, for all your basic needs. Motivated by simple greed and laziness, the masses lap it up like syrup.

    Hayek explained the coordinating role of prices in the economy. A central-planning agency would, ideally, require real-time information about every event in the entire economy (really, the entire globe). Every physical fact about the state of the world -- including all the predictions that experts in their respective domains make in the course of going about their tasks -- would have to be routed into the central-planning bureaucracy. This bureaucracy would then have to "crunch the numbers" in a manner resembling what we today would call a "world simulation". Even more, this world simulation would have to be "constrained" with the style-of-life which every citizen should be having, in accordance with standard of the "ideal socialist human". In other words, if the proletariat "democratically" decides that each person should work hard labor exactly 2 hours per day, then the simulator would need to be constrained to solve for that condition, so that the net result would be the ideal work-day for every individual. Needless to say, this is an obvious absurdity, which is why Hayek titled his book on this subject The Fatal Conceit. The Marxist central-planning bureaucracy imagines that it has the hyper-competence to achieve such divine feats of planning but, in reality, it's nowhere even close.

    Don Boudreaux explains this idea of Hayek's in reverse here:

    In Austrian economics, this topic is called "economic calculation" and the impossibility of calculation in communism is really the single most concise and pointed criticism of it. In addition, it must be noted that the drive towards "AI", "Virtual Reality", "Quantum Computing", "Parallel Worlds" and the many other branches of the emerging transhumanist zeitgeist are all driven by this one central madness at the core of Marxism: that a central bureaucracy with enough cameras and microphones and party minders spread over society would be able to impose some kind of socialist utopia, by dint of force. It has never happened, it will never happen and provably so. Marxism is insanity, applied to economics and politics.

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