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Thread: 4 children found alive in Amazon jungle 40 days after plane crash.

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    4 children found alive in Amazon jungle 40 days after plane crash.

    Miracle in the Amazon: Four children aged 13, nine, four and 12 months are found ALIVE deep in the Colombian jungle FORTY DAYS after surviving plane crash that killed all the adults on board - kids are malnourished and insect-bitten but otherwise OK

    Four Colombian children who were missing for six weeks alone in the Amazon jungle after a plane crash have been found alive and malnourished but otherwise healthy.

    The siblings, Lesly, 13, Soleiny, nine, Tien Noriel, four, and baby Cristin who had his first birthday while lost in the jungle, had been travelling in a light aircraft on May 1 when it crashed.

    The accident killed everyone else on board, the children's mother Magdalena Mucutui Valencia, the pilot and an indigenous leader.

    But when the wreckage of the plane was found after weeks of hunting not only were the children not found dead alongside the adults, there was part-eaten fruit that suggested they had all survived.

    That sparked a huge hunt across miles of dense and remote Amazon rainforest. There was false hope late last month when the country's President Gustavo Petro mistakenly said they were safe only to retract his statement and say there was just evidence they might still be alive.

    But the rescue efforts intensified and yesterday delivered the news the country, and the watching world, had hoped for.

    'It is a joy for the whole country,' Petro Tweeted.

    'They were alone, they themselves achieved an example of total survival which will remain in history.'

    The siblings, members of the Huitoto Indigenous group, are dehydrated, malnourished and bitten by insects but are otherwise healthy, rescuers said.
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    Panic kills. Seems they kept their heads the best that they could. The fact that cave-man, and now these children, survived using instincts, why anybody in todays society would try to suppress that is beyond me.

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    There's plenty to eat and not that much that wants to kill you really. Luck varies of course. And a human can remain alive a long time without eating a lot, provided clean rainwater. Still it's not something that happens daily, I think these are the lucky statistics. I'm not sure I'd make it a month, however, I would have probably stayed close to the plane or leave some marks for a trail to follow and a message on the plane. A nice fire, aided by the plane fuel, could have helped detection. There are many options, just shows you have to be clear minded and think logical.
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