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Thread: Swedish Prime Minister-Massive immigration and poor integration simply do not work.

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    Swedish Prime Minister-Massive immigration and poor integration simply do not work.

    Holy cats, when the freaking Swedes are finally starting to push back, maybe there is hope for western civilization.

    Then again, it may just be that they are realizing their new Muslim brothers they have imported by the millions are not too keen on transqueeers in their midst.

    Bad luck, Sweden.

    Three things are required to put Sweden back together


    By: Ulf Kristersson , Prime Minister (M)

    PUBLISHED: JUNE 6 2923

    This is a debate article. It is the writer who stands for the opinions expressed in the text, not Aftonbladet.

    Today we celebrate Sweden's National Day because it was precisely on June 6 that Gustav Vasa was elected Swedish king in Strängnäs. This year is also exactly 500 years ago, and we can proudly look back on the journey that has made Sweden one of the world's freest and most equal countries.

    Freedom and equality are two fundamental values ​​in our society, both of which are worth defending.

    For many who have lived in Sweden for a long time, this is a matter of course. For others, it can be difficult to approach their new country. Swedish society is not always so easy to become a part of, even if you try.

    Let me be clear: Massive immigration and poor integration simply do not work. Therefore, we are now changing the Swedish migration policy to the EU's strictest.

    A no to asylum means no and then you have to leave the country. It should be obvious but isn't. Equally important is that a yes should mean that you really enter Swedish society.

    Some can contribute with expert knowledge in Swedish companies, or do research at some of our universities. Others come here as quota refugees, where in the future we will prioritize LGBTQ people, women and children.

    What they have in common is that they need to become part of Sweden if immigration is to work. Sweden must make some changes so that more people become part of Swedish society, and that fewer end up outside.

    It is high time for us to build Sweden together and bridge the exclusion. Then three things are required: An enhanced Swedish citizenship. Focus on the Swedish language. And respect for the common values ​​that have built Sweden strong.

    1. Appreciate citizenship

    What should fundamentally make us "Swedes" is Swedish citizenship. And it's more than just a passport. It is a social contract and that social contract contains both rights and obligations. Therefore, we are now revaluing the importance of citizenship.

    Anyone who wants to become a citizen of Sweden must have lived here longer than is required today. There must be clear requirements for an honorable way of life and, of course, requirements for self-sufficiency. And you must know Swedish and social studies, so that you understand the country in which you want to become a citizen.

    2. Common values

    In Sweden, all people have individual rights. Women and men are equal before the law, although there is still more to be done.

    In Sweden, everyone has the right to live their life as they see fit. In Sweden, gender equality prevails. Both men and women work here. In Sweden, adults can marry whomever they want. Here, both boys and girls have the right to both swim and play football. Here the children are their parents' biggest responsibility in life, but here the children also have their own rights.

    In Sweden, the family is important - but the family is not above the law.

    3. Focus on the Swedish language

    The Swedish language is the way into society and into our culture. The language is also for the vast majority of people the entry ticket to the labor market. It is the glue that binds us together.

    Despite that, there has been absolutely no expectation that anyone who comes to Sweden will really learn our language. This makes Sweden unique - in a bad way.

    In addition to requirements for Swedish for citizenship, the government will introduce language preschool for the children who need it. There will be more Swedish in school, and more praise school for those who otherwise fall behind. And we are reintroducing real books to school. Sweden has previously seen entire generations of children go on class trips. Let us begin such a journey again.

    So I want to make Sweden a clearer and more understandable, but also a more welcoming country. A country that is open, regardless of where you were born and that puts each person's own will and effort at the center. But also a country that demands something in return.

    If we are to become that country, citizenship must be valued, the Swedish language strengthened and our fundamental values ​​respected.
    “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

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    “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

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