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    Question Messiah 2030?

    This is very long (2 hours) but it will be well worth your time invested:

    I give this video an A- grade. I add the minus there only because there were a few spots where I feel that the presenter may have strained a bit. But out of an information-packed 2 hour video on end times prophecy (and not just a regurgitation of legacy eschatological tradition), that is an amazingly good grade.

    I was skeptical of the volume calculations of the Ezekiel temple when he first began presenting them, however, he connected the dots well enough that I will review it again and see what I think on a second viewing. His calculation of Abraham's lifespan (175 years) and adding the male and female periods of uncleanness after birth feel a little forced, stretching. And there were a couple other asterisks but, all-in-all, this is a super-solid video.

    Besides the few asterisks I have, the connections of Jonah, Nineveh, the 40 days of rain in the Flood, of the Ark, of the 40 weeks of gestation, of the six and seven, and many other points, all coincide precisely with my own reading of Scripture.

    Let me address the inevitable "no one knows the day and the hour!" objection before people get all rowdy. As he notes in the video, Jesus says in the very same context that we are to watch for the signs so that we can recognize the season of his return. He compares it to sailors who watch the sky to determine how the weather will be. Hebrews 10:25 says that we ought to "see the Day approaching", referring to the Day of the Lord. And no matter how much studying anyone does, if they do not stay awake (keep clean from sin), they will be caught sleeping as the Lord will return on them like a thief in the night. So, "2030" isn't about timelining, nor upstaging the heavenly Father, it is about watching the signs, staying awake (cleansing ourselves from sin), and being diligent students of the Word, as the Bereans were.

    I will note that 2030 itself is also an asterisk for me. I am all but absolutely certain that the Lord is returning now, meaning, while I am on earth. However, care must be taken in the handling of prophecy. Two prophetic days being equivalent to 2,000 years is clearly very significant, and the alignments with heavenly signs (which he does not treat in this video) makes this correlation even more significant. But it could still be that our timing is off... perhaps the crucifixion was 27AD, or perhaps it was 33AD or perhaps the prophetic timeline goes from the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD, which would work out to 2070. As students of the Word, we should be OK with that uncertainty, we must not allow the scoffers to shout us down with the standard insults, "If it's such an exact science, how come you can't agree on a date?!" They speak this way because they are trapped in the carnal mind and simply do not understand what it means to be spiritually minded. God will work out the details and we will understand them better and better as the Day approaches, as long as we stay awake and do not fall asleep in carnality. So, it could be 2030, or it could be 2027, or it could be 2070 or it could even be 2240, which would be the 6,000th year on the Hebrew calendar. We just don't know yet, the signs have not made it completely clear.

    But even if it were 2240, we are just now on the very precipice of the Millennium. Nothing could be more obvious! And so, this world is very shortly going to undergo a divinely-decreed phase-change. Understanding the nature of that change is just as important or maybe even more important than understanding "the timeline". And to do that, we're going to have to really, deeply understand Scripture... even more deeply than the technical theological type of understanding which has been dominant in the West. We are going to have to prepare ourselves to encounter God in a way that we have never before encountered him, just as the priests had to prepare themselves before entering the Temple because, symbolically, that's what the Millennium is: preparation to enter the Temple, that is, the New Jerusalem. And that starts with really knowing and understanding God's Word and the Holy Spirit who gives it to us...
    The Kingdom of God has come upon you. -- Matthew 12:28

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    I still say God is going to rub out noses in our folly for another quarter century. But then again, He may not have that luxury, as we seem determined to bathe the planet in nuclear radiation sooner than that.
    "Trump was just a chuckle-headed sucker" is not an effective sales pitch.

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