I'm not pretending my car is a spring chicken, but I mantain the exhaust system and the emissions are clean. Where I have trouble is this OBD-II crap that has a whole checklist of requirements to pass a state emissions test, whether the fields pertain to emissions or not. I have one dumb sensor that gets stuck and the actual piece is basically rusted together so the bolt can't even be taken off or whatever. The last time I had an inspection I just had to go to a private garage where it took the mechanic two hours of fiddling with the car and performing the inspection immediately after a drive cycle before the computer would go wonky again, and I don't even want to post how much that inspection cost me.

Years ago the state would do an actual smog test, with an actual probe. Why the hell is it my responsibility to mantain my own diagnostics equipment for the state? Down over 1k from 1.5 years ago to replace my rusted exhaust system, and I'm not going to pay more to replace sensors because the government got rid of the traditional smog test as a "cost saving" measure. Well anyway, let's just say I have not parked in public lots/streets for a long while.