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Thread: Station Wagons

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    And all of that, and the safety and emissions standards that appeared at the same time, led to more petroleum being consumed, not less.

    EVs very likely do, too, or at least lead to more natural gas being used -- like the natural gas under the Ukraine, and under the Gaza coast.

    Been saying for years, and being called an idiot for saying it, that CAFE was designed to cause more demand for petroleum, not less. Just the way Trump supporters call me an idiot for pointing out that the government and MSM calling him "anti-Establishment" doesn't make that true either.

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    Oh, and there was never a Dodge Charger that will do this because of a mere curb. Their center of gravity is too low. The tire, and possibly the wheel, could easily be destroyed, but it'll stay upright.

    Quote Originally Posted by Origanalist View Post
    And I hope there never will be.

    What's more, they know it. Just because they make a lot of noise about safety does not mean that you aren't the carbon they're trying to reduce.
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    This was our family's version. (not the actual car)

    I still remember the skiing trips to Crystal and Stevens passes, thermos's of hot chocolate, pbj's and boiled eggs. Good times
    "The Patriarch"

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