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Thread: Unmasking The Antichrist

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    Lightbulb Unmasking The Antichrist

    Very well made, and biblically accurate. More relevant than ever:

    The Kingdom of God has come upon you. -- Matthew 12:28

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    I watched both videos. I have no doubt that the Anti Christ will rise. It may not look exactly like what the videos depict but , I think it may be close. The great deception seems to be upon us now. I am going to try to keep the 1st commandment and see if that helps to keep me from committing other sins. It could be the end of times I don't know what will happen or. when. I want to follow the Lord to where ever that may take me if I can keep up that is.
    I have heard many rumbling among the geophysicist crowd that a pole shift and the sun is to eject some kind o electro- magnetic stuff right on the earth at the same time is very likely to happen perhaps sooner rather than later. That would fit in nicely with Christ return I think. What a time to be alive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Working Poor View Post
    What a time to be alive!
    Amen. Many times, believers speak of the end of the Age as though it will be some kind of great tragedy, I guess because it will likely involve a lot of disruption to their daily flow. But what a small price to pay to be forever rid of this unspeakable evil that has seized control of the whole world. Anyone who hasn't figured out yet that Clown World emanates from another dimension just isn't paying attention. Look at the horrors being done right in the open air... modern "enlightened" humanity is putting Sodom and Babylon to shame, they were amateurs compared to us! And how can we expect to escape their fate when we are committing atrocities they could not have even imagined, all while bathing in the light of God's word and the Gospel, which they did not have. God burned Sodom to ash, you can go visit the ruins today. What awaits this present evil world is the unbridled wrath of God. Escape while you still can, get into the Ark (who is Jesus!)

    The Kingdom of God has come upon you. -- Matthew 12:28

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