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Thread: NYC - Racist white Karen steals rental bike from black man, causes uproar, loses job.

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    NYC - Racist white Karen steals rental bike from black man, causes uproar, loses job.

    “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

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    Oh dear...

    NYC hospital ‘Karen’ paid for Citi Bike at center of viral fight with black man: lawyer

    By Amanda Woods and David Propper
    May 18, 2023 7:10am Updated

    The lawyer for a Manhattan hospital worker accused of taking a Citi Bike from a young black man — who claimed that he paid for the two-wheeler — provided receipts that he says show she was the one who purchased the ride at the center of the viral incident.

    The Bellevue Hospital employee — who was branded a “Karen” on social media afterward — rented the bike first, lawyer Justin Marino said in a statement to The Post Wednesday.

    He also provided two Citi Bike receipts from May 12, which were timestamped just minutes apart.

    The first receipt reviewed by The Post shows the bike being taken out before it was re-locked one minute later, which Marino said is the bike seen in the video.

    The second receipt shows another bike being taken out a minute later from the same docking station and was the bike Marino said his client used to get home after being “heckled and pressured to find a new bike” by the group.

    The hospital employee, who Marino says is a six-months-pregnant physician assistant, was placed on leave by NYC Health + Hospitals this week after her heated encounter with the men emerged online Saturday and has been viewed tens of millions of times.

    Marino called the caught-on-tape interaction “incomplete” and lacking facts.

    He said after the health care worker wrapped up her 12-hour shift, she got on an available bike, “which no individuals were on or touching,” and paid for it through the Citi Bike app on her phone.

    As she backed it up from the docking station, a group of five people approached her and claimed the bike was theirs, he said.

    “One or more individuals in that group physically pushed her bike (with her on it) back into the docking station, causing it to re-lock,” Marino said in the written statement.

    One of the individuals then covered the bike’s QR code, stopping her from paying for it again so she could leave, Marino said.

    “In blocking the QR code, this individual’s arm was touching my client’s pregnant stomach, a condition of which she had made them aware,” he added. “Throughout this time and for the remainder of the video, roughly five individuals were telling her to get off the bike and heckling her.”

    “The fact anyone would treat another person like this is tragic, especially a visibly pregnant woman,” he said.

    The roughly 90-second clip that begins mid-confrontation shows the woman dressed in hospital-branded scrubs screaming for help as she tugs at the bike.
    “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

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    New Evidence PROVES White Woman Was VICTIM Of Black Teens NOT Racist Karen, Citi Bike Video A LIE
    The Bastiat Collection · FREE PDF · FREE EPUB · PAPER
    Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850)

    • "When law and morality are in contradiction to each other, the citizen finds himself in the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense, or of losing his respect for the law."
      -- The Law (p. 54)
    • "Government is that great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
      -- Government (p. 99)
    • "[W]ar is always begun in the interest of the few, and at the expense of the many."
      -- Economic Sophisms - Second Series (p. 312)
    • "There are two principles that can never be reconciled - Liberty and Constraint."
      -- Harmonies of Political Economy - Book One (p. 447)

    · tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito ·

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    No sympathy from me until I see her voting record.

    Sorry, not sorry for thinking like this.

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    So they wait for an easy mark to rent the bike under his or her name, then come over and steal it.

    Thats $#@!ed up.
    "An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government" - Ron Paul.

    "To learn who rules over you simply find out who you arent allowed to criticize."

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    Actual Justice Warrior | Bike "Karen" Did Nothing Wrong
    In this video I show that the recent viral video that supposedly shows a pregnant woman who works at a hospital stealing a Citi bike from 5 men of course was in fact her being robbed. I explain how this woman was harassed & doxxed despite being completely innocent & laugh at a terrible Indisputable segment.
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    Pregnant NYC ‘Karen’ Paid for Citi Bike at Center of Viral Dispute With Black Man, Lawyer Says

    Sarah Jane Comrie, the hospital worker smeared in the media as the “Pregnant NYC Karen” who tried to “steal a black man’s City Bike,” produced receipts showing she paid for the bike at the center of the viral dispute, the NY Post reports.
    The John Birch Society is a grassroots education and action organization to return the Republic to the principles found in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. -- Join the Fight!

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    "The corporate press is the enemy of the people." -- Michael Malice

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    It is amazing that people ever thought is was plausible that a woman would dare to steal a bike from multiple black men.
    Citizen of Arizona

    I am a libertarian. I am advocating everyone enjoy maximum freedom on both personal and economic issues as long as they do not bring violence unto others.

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    "An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government" - Ron Paul.

    "To learn who rules over you simply find out who you arent allowed to criticize."

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    "Actually, it's the exact OPPOSITE of what they're saying."

    The slogan, the mantra, that defines the era has arrived. It's almost a cliché already.
    "Trump was just a chuckle-headed sucker" is not an effective sales pitch.

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    Lawsuits are incoming, and the cockroaches are running for cover:

    Black Conservative Perspective | Rashad Richey PANICS After Citi Bike Karen Lawyer Threatens Lawsuit Begs MIA Black Teens To Speak Up

    And here's another TYT hack:
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    Pregnant hospital worker falsely accused of stealing black man's Citi Bike now in HIDING due to death threats
    Pregnant physician's assistant Sarah Comrie has gone into hiding.
    The Post Millennial (20 May 2023)

    Pregnant physician's assistant Sarah Comrie has gone into hiding following a viral video that shows a group of men mobbing her over a Citi Bike rental in New York City. The incident has since resulted in death threats and potential job loss for Comrie, who had been falsley accused of stealing the bike from a black man, despite possessing a receipt that proves she paid for it.Comrie, 36, found herself at the center of a social media mobbing after footage surfaced of her altercation with a man outside Bellevue Hospital at the end of her shift. The video quickly spread across social media platforms, triggering a barrage of threats and defamatory remarks targeting Comrie, including the claim that she was a "suspected white supremacist" by race-baiting goon Tariq Nasheed.
    Justin Marino, Comrie's lawyer, expressed concerns that she might lose her job over the incident. Marino asserted that there is no doubt that both news outlets and individuals have defamed the pregnant nurse, and he is now preparing lawsuits to address these claims.

    Tim Pool and crew SLAM the media for lying about an NYC nurse who was accused of stealing a bike.

    "What's at play is what social media did to this woman who's literally a hero, and has done nothing but help people and within one minute effectively tries to ruin her life" Marino told Fox News.

    Marino's defense is significantly bolstered by the discovery of Comrie's Citi Bike receipt, which Daily Mail obtained. The receipt provides evidence that Comrie had indeed booked the bike outside Bellevue Hospital after completing her 12-hour shift. The matching handlebar number further validates her claim. The men involved in the incident and the corporate media mobbed her nevertheless.

    To support Comrie in her legal battle, her uncle initiated a GoFundMe campaign, which has raised an almost $100,000 towards its goal. The funds will contribute to covering Comrie's legal expenses as she seeks to rectify the damage caused by the incident.

    The campaign description reads in part: "My name is Bob Roe. Late last week, my niece, Sarah Comrie, a Physician Assistant at Bellevue, became embroiled in a much-publicized incident with a Citibike that unfairly painted her as a racist "Karen." The facts have since proven this is a lie, but the damage has been done."

    As the video emerged, Comrie, donning blue scrubs emblazoned with "NYC Health + Hospitals," can be seen in distress, seeking help while a crowd gathers around her to chastize her for stealing the bike.

    Marino has since provided conclusive evidence provided by the receipts that clears his client.

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    Actual Justice Warrior | Bike "Karen" Suing For Defamation
    In this video I discuss the recent updates to the so called Bike Karen story, which has been thoroughly demolished. I explain how now the victim is looking to sue defamatory outlets for damages & justifiably so.
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    Hopefully this woman will be able to get satisfying revenge on all those who slandered her.
    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration is minding my own business."

    Calvin Coolidge

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    "Trump was just a chuckle-headed sucker" is not an effective sales pitch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occam's Banana View Post
    Am I in danger?
    “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anti Federalist View Post
    Am I in danger?
    Afraid so.


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    Nate the Lawyer | Ben Crump & Dr. Richey DELETE Evidence In Fear Of Defamation Lawsuit.
    Hospital worker threatens defamation lawsuit against news media after showing she was innocent.
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    Actual Justice Warrior | Rashad Richey BEGS Bike "Karen" Not To Sue Him
    In this video, I discuss the non-retractions of the "Bike Karen story"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Occam's Banana View Post
    Afraid so.


    Ahhh, damn it.
    @Danke will now be digging in my dumpster for evidence.
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    “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

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    Nate the Lawyer | EXPOSED! TYT's Dr. Richey Begs for Mercy from CITI Bike Karen!
    Dr. Rashad Richey begs for mercy from NYC hospital worker who he claimed attempted to steal a bike from 5 Black men.

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    Black Conservative Perspective | SELF OWN! Sister Of Black Teenagers ADMITS GUILT Providing Receipts PROVING Citi Bike Karen CORRECT!

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    Actual Justice Warrior | TizzyENT Accidentally Proves Bike "Karen" Was Defamed
    In this video I close out the "Bike Karen" saga by proving definitively she was in fact in the right

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    These are basically grown males, who as a group, decided to bully and terrorize a woman for no reason besides the satisfaction of causing terror itself.

    This "group bullying" phenomenon seems fairly unique to black people. Other ethnicities don't seem to do this at all, at least not as a coordinated group.

    And as we've seen in other videos, there really is no limit to the size of the group that black people can reach, when deciding to commit various acts of aggression in a united & coordinated way.

    If the black community wants us to stop being "racist", how about, stop doing things that gives us reason to be racist?
    Last edited by TheTexan; 05-24-2023 at 03:44 PM.
    It's all about taking action and not being lazy. So you do the work, whether it's fitness or whatever. It's about getting up, motivating yourself and just doing it.
    - Kim Kardashian

    Donald Trump / Crenshaw 2024!!!!

    My pronouns are he/him/his

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    Soon no one will want to report the news because they will fear being sued.

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    TL;DR: Despite the fact that it wasn't actually on his account at the time, "Michael" was entitled to dibs on the disputed bike because he likes to ride them a lot. (Also, he is poor and black, and came within a hair's breadth of being killed by the cops.)

    Mother Of Teen In Citi Bike Video Speaks Out: ‘No One Bothered To Ask Him What Happened’
    In an exclusive interview with NewsOne, the 17-year-old who refused to give up his bike to Sarah Jane Comrie said she's been ‘rewarded’ for her antics while he and his family are suffering.
    Monique Judge (25 May 2023)

    Mary and Michael are eager to talk to me, but Betty, their mother, is reluctant to let Michael speak with anyone.

    He’s only 17 years old. “He’s my baby,” Betty says.

    He’s a senior in high school. He should be planning to attend his prom and looking forward to walking the stage at his graduation in a few weeks, but instead, he and his family have spent the last week and a half living in turmoil.

    Michael is the teen in the infamous Citi Bike video with Sarah Jane Comrie, the woman who has been accused of weaponizing whiteness and her tears in an effort to take the bike from the teen in New York City.

    Betty has seen video after video of racists and trolls calling her son a “thug” and a “thief” and labeling him as a “man” when, in her words, “He’s just a boy.”

    It hurts her that people are saying these things — things that she knows are not true — about him.

    been one-sided.

    “No one bothered to contact us to find out Michael’s story,” she said in a low voice during an interview on Wednesday. “They write all of these things about him, but no one bothered to ask him what happened or look at his receipts.”

    Michael interjected: “That’s because if they have my side of the story, she doesn’t have a case.”

    Mary agreed with him, saying, “Right.”

    Throughout the entire 50-minute interview with Betty and her children, she had her phone out watching video after video of conservatives and racists saying negative things about her baby.

    She is afraid that someone will try to harm her son or her family.

    “No one is helping us,” she said, her voice cracking. “We are poor people. We are immigrants. We can’t afford a lawyer.”

    Mary, who is 24, and Michael told their mother that now is their chance to tell his story. Betty agreed only on the condition that their names are changed to protect their identities.

    “I don’t want anything to happen to my family,” Betty said. “Do you know what I mean?”

    A Bronx tale
    Mary and Michael live with their parents and another brother in an apartment in the Bronx.

    Mary and Michael were born in the U.S., but their parents are immigrants from West Africa.

    Mary, her other brother and both parents work to help contribute to the family income.

    “We live in the Bronx, but my brother spends a lot of time in Harlem,” Mary said. “He has friends there.”

    On May 12, the date of the incident, Michael and four other teenagers rode bikes from the Bronx to Harlem.

    “My brother is an extreme Citi Bike rider,” Mary said proudly. “He is in a group called Citi Bike Angels that sends out free stuff to people who have accumulated a certain amount of points, and my brother has been a frequent Citi Bike rider since 2020 or 2021.”

    Michael said it’s a regular routine with him and his friends. They meet up in the Bronx, find the new e-bikes Citi Bike has out, and ride them all over New York City.
    Understanding how Citi Bike works
    “I use Citi Bike every day,” Michael said. “I use the bikes to get to and from school. If I’m traveling anywhere in the city, even if it’s from here to Brooklyn, my first option is Citi Bike.”

    “It’s my preferred mode of transport. It’s like my car,” he added.

    Michael said he and his friends, who are all from immigrant West African families, understand Citi Bike and all its programs. They use them because, for teenagers like themselves, it’s a cheaper option than taking the subway from borough to borough.

    Michael said that day they walked around the Bronx for 20 minutes before they found the highly coveted but hard-to-find new e-bikes.

    They took the bikes to Harlem first, where they stopped riding after 45 minutes.

    Michael explained that because his family receives some public assistance, he gets a discount on Citi Bike rides, but after 45 minutes, the rate on the bikes increases.

    Michael said he pays for his own Citi Bike account, and in order to avoid the higher charges, he frequently stops his rides before they go over 45 minutes to rest and re-dock the bike. Re-docking the bike resets the timer, allowing him to ride for another 45 minutes before stopping again.

    “Even regular Citi Bike riders do this,” Mary explained. “The price goes up after 45 minutes for everyone, so people routinely ride their bikes, dock their bikes, ride their bikes, and dock their bikes again.”

    The encounter with Sarah Jane Comrie
    Michael said after resting in Harlem for a bit, the boys continued riding into the Lower East Side of Manhattan. They grabbed frozen yogurt and then headed to the Citi Bike docking station at 1st Avenue and E 30th Street near Bellevue Hospital in the Kip’s Bay neighborhood. They docked their bikes at 7:19 p.m. and sat there to rest.

    Michael insisted he and his friends never left the bikes unattended. They don’t leave the bikes. Michael said all four of his friends also have the same Citi Bike Reduced Fare membership, so they docked the bikes to stop the timers from going over 45 minutes.

    Four of the boys were sitting on their bikes as they rested, but Michael was standing next to his with his hands on the handlebars.

    They were there for a few minutes when he said Sarah Jane Comrie approached their group. She initially asked one of Michael’s friends if she could take the bike he was resting on. He politely declined, informing her that they were going to be leaving shortly and using the bikes again.

    She next approached a different boy in the group and asked him the same thing. That boy also politely declined.

    Michael was still standing near his bike with his hands on the handlebars.

    According to Michael, Sarah Jane Comrie asked him, “Can I please have this bike?”

    Michael said he declined.

    “No, I’m about to take it back out,” he told her.

    Michael said Sarah Jane Comrie then said to him, “I’m pregnant. Can you help a pregnant woman out?”

    Michael said he then told her, “I’m sorry ma’am. I’ve ridden this bike all the way from the Bronx, and I need this bike to go back home.”

    Michael says that is when Sarah Jane Comrie moved closer to him and his bike, leaned over him, and scanned the QR code with her phone even as he had his hands on the handlebars.

    She then pushed her way onto the bike and attempted to remove it from the docking station and take it.

    It was 7:24 p.m., and that is when the boys began recording.

    You can hear them in the video calling for someone to record Sarah Jane Comrie at the beginning of the footage.

    “You know if someone is using something,” Mary interjected emphatically. “There are obvious physical cues to let you know when something is in use or someone is planning to use something.”

    Michael insisted Sarah Jane Comrie knew he was planning to use the bike. He said she asked him and his friends to use theirs, and they all informed her they were using the bikes and would be leaving shortly.

    He said she seemed annoyed that they wouldn’t willingly give up their bikes to her. He also said he believes she wanted that bike as opposed to the others that remained docked in the rack because he had one of the newer e-bikes.

    The rest of the interaction plays out in the video. Sarah Jane Comrie, dressed in scrubs bearing the NYC Health + Hospitals logo, removed her work ID badge from her neck, placed it in her bag along with a brown paper bag she was holding and began screaming for help.

    The boys can be heard repeatedly telling her it’s not her bike. During the filmed part of the interaction, Michael was able to successfully push the bike back into the dock. He said he then entered the bike’s number into his phone to put the reservation back on his account.

    Michael said when Sarah Jane Comrie noticed him doing this, she snatched his phone out of his hand, which is shown in the video.

    Michael’s story contradicts the narrative from Sarah Jane Comrie’s attorney
    Michael’s story directly contradicts the narrative that Justin Marino — the employment attorney representing Sarah Jane Comrie — gave in a statement he wrote to the New York Post.

    In the statement, Marino wrote that Sarah Jane Comrie approached the rack of Citi Bikes and got on “an available bike, which no individuals were on or touching.” Marino also wrote that as Comrie was allegedly backing the bike out of the dock, “a group of about five individuals approached her, saying that the bike was theirs.”

    “One or more individuals in that group physically pushed her bike (with her on it) back into the docking station, causing it to re-lock,” the statement also claimed.

    Marino originally made public redacted alleged receipts, but as of Wednesday, his apparent Twitter account posted the unredacted receipts showing Sarah Jane Comrie had rented the bike for one minute at 7:24 p.m.

    That timestamp matches both the video and Michael’s version of the events.
    Michael has receipts, too
    Michael provided NewsOne with copies of all his receipts for the bike from that day.

    They show he originally rented the bike at 5:53 p.m. He returned it after his final ride at 10:12 p.m.

    Each of the receipts he sent for review shows him riding the bike in intervals of 45 minutes or less, re-docking the bike, and then taking it out again a short time later.

    The impact of all of this on a 17-year-old Black boy in America
    “I can’t say that all of this is not affecting me,” Michael said.

    “At first, I felt supported. It was like I went through this thing, people saw the video of it, and they were supporting me,” he said.

    But all that changed when Marino put his statement out in the media.

    “When those receipts got released, everything flipped,” Michael said. “People started calling me a ‘thief,’ a ‘thug,’ and a ‘Black man.’

    “It’s definitely having an effect on me,” he continued. “It’s just like, ‘wow. This is crazy.’”

    Michael added: “She did something wrong, and she basically got rewarded for it. She’s made over $100,000 on a GoFundMe. She got all the white conservatives on her side. Everyone who was on my side has just kind of stayed silent.”

    Michael’s story deserves to be told
    Michael and Mary say that’s why Mary posted a video on TikTok about the ordeal.

    They said they were tired of the narrative claiming he tried to take something from Sarah Jane Comrie when it was the other way around.

    Mary made the TikTok video telling her brother’s side of the story, and it caught the attention of social media influencers, including Tizzy and ThatGuyDanesh, who shared it on their platforms.

    In the video, Mary provided receipts to prove her brother was the one who had rented the bike first.

    “I’m unable to wrap my mind around any of this,” Mary told NewsOne.

    “My brother has been riding Citi Bikes for three years, and nothing like this has ever happened. My family has never been involved in a situation like this.”

    “It’s a lot,” Mary added. “I’m the person that’s appointed to be the representative for my family. My parents are immigrants. My mom doesn’t know what to do. She can’t handle any of this, so it’s up to me to figure out what to do.”

    Mary also said she has reached out to attorneys to try to get help or legal representation, but thus far, no one has offered to help.

    She said she contacted a prominent civil rights attorney who initially tweeted about the video, but he advised her he doesn’t practice “that kind of law” and suggested she contact the New York State Bar Association for a referral.

    “There have been a bunch of roadblocks to getting my brother’s story out there,” Mary said. “He’s only 17. He doesn’t deserve to be going through this. And this woman just comes up and starts harassing a bunch of teenagers.”

    Mary said her brother’s friend started recording because they wanted to stay safe.

    A mother’s fears for her son
    “This situation is really driving me crazy and making me sick,” Betty said. “We have never been in this situation before.”

    “We came to this country to make a better life for our kids,” she continued. “We are not thieves. Just because we are poor doesn’t mean we are thieves.”

    Betty said Michael had to stay home from school for a few days because of the mental anguish of the incident and all that has come after it.

    “As a mother, you don’t want to see your child like that,” she said.

    Betty said she was horrified when she first saw the video.

    “My reaction when I saw it was ‘oh my God. I almost lost my son in that moment.’ Do you understand me? I am not from here, but we all know this country,” she said. “But how the policemen here do our sons, and our husbands, and our fathers. They kill us.”

    Betty continued.

    “So with a white woman standing right there and screaming for someone to help, if the police had come, and my son was standing there, they are going to shoot him. If he runs, they are going to shoot him.”

    “Everyone is taking her side because she is rich, and she is white, and she hired a lawyer, and the lawyer is defending her. They put it all over the television, and no one tried to find out who the boy is who could have lost his life. They didn’t find out who the family is. Everybody just ignored us like we don’t matter.”

    “I don’t care how much money that lady is getting because if I were to lose my son, the whole world full of money would not bring him back. Yes, we are immigrants. Yes, we are poor, but we are not thieves. I get EBT because I wish I could afford to feed my children, but I can’t. I work seven days a week. We aren’t hurting anybody.”

    Betty got emotional several times during the interview, something for which she repeatedly apologized.

    “That lady asked my boy for his bike, and he said no,” Betty said. “Why couldn’t she just go and get a different bike?”

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    Also, "Michael" is apparently the embodiment of the Second Coming of Emmett Till:

    Quote Originally Posted by Occam's Banana View Post

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