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Thread: Confused, abused and misused transgenders

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    I'm surprised nobody posted about Nex Benedict. People falsely claimed Nex[1] was beaten to death when in fact Nex instigated a fight with 3 younger girls by throwing water on them because Nex thought the girls were laughing and Nex and Nex's friends for how they dressed and how they talked. When the other girls came at Nex, Nex managed to slam one of their heads into a paper dispenser but they got Nex on the ground and hit Nex until Nex passed out. In police bodycam video at the hospital after the incident, Nex seemed fine and Nex's mother, who referred to Nex using she/her pronouns, asked the police officer about filing charges against the other girls but the officer said since Nex started the fight that might not be a good idea. The next day, Nex overdosed on antidepressants. LGBTQ activists have claimed that maybe that was a cover up and maybe Nex really DID die from head injuries, but there's no evidence whatsoever to suggest that. And it doesn't even sound like this had anything to do with Nex being LGBTQ. All sorts of kids get laughed at in high school for how they look and how they talked. I got excoriated in the 1980s in high school for wearing bell bottoms my mom bought me from Goodwill not knowing there were out of style. The white kids didn't say anything. It was the other black kids following me, pointing at me and saying "Ding dong, ding dong." I never wore those pants or any other bell bottoms again.

    Edit: And I've seen conservatives get this story too. "He shouldn't have been in the wrong bathroom." Wrong! Nex was born a she and Nex was in the correct bathroom. And what's the preferred bathroom for a non-binary anyway?

    [1] Note I'm purposefully avoiding the use of pronouns whatsoever for Nex. They/them is singular. Crazy Ezra Miller was the first person I heard of using they/them and it confuses the hell out of reporting. Like when Miller was arrested for taking a minor Native American girl out of the country without her guardians' permission the news kept saying "they" were arrested and I was like "The police arrested the victim too?" Nope. It was just idiot Ezra Miller, who also tweeted he was in another dimension (I think he took his Flash movie role a little too seriously), that was arrested. Also Nex's mom used "she/her" in front of Nex when talking to the police.
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    Winston Churchhill on why the U.S. should have stayed OUT of World War I

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    Quote Originally Posted by acptulsa View Post
    Add kids of celebs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acptulsa View Post
    I don't doubt but would like to see where those figures came from. I'd add mothers with Munchausen's by proxy, too. That's not in the cluster B group but should be.
    My two daughters and I were gang-raped by some of the Newcomers. It landed us in the hospital for 3 weeks as several bones were broken. I don't blame them, it was a sexual emergency and I wasn't about to go all white privilege and deny them the release they needed, especially after being stuck in a hotel for months. I see the Newcomers as family now. They are on our side and will help us stop Trump. It is a small price to pay. Anything but Trump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by susano View Post
    I don't doubt but would like to see where those figures came from. I'd add mothers with Munchausen's by proxy, too. That's not in the cluster B group but should be.

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    They just keep doubling down. Admitting they were wrong is traumatic enough for some people without having to admit they were wrong about that and that being wrong caused that much harm.

    They're trying to get as much of society as possible mired in that morass.
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    Study: Risk of suicide increases 12x after “gender-affirming” surgery ... is anyone surprised?

    A new study hot off the press has confirmed what most of us already knew: people who get "gender-affirming" surgery have more than 12 times higher instances of suicide attempts than those who don't get the surgeries.

    The study, supported with money from the National Institutes of Health and the University of Texas, was published just a few weeks ago and looked at data from over 90 million patients across the U.S.
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    A Woke Priest.

    Catholic Monk Comes Out as Transgender: 'Deal With Us'

    "You've got to deal with us, because God has called us into this church," Matson told the outlet. "It's not your church to kick us out of—this is God's church, and God has called us and engrafted us into it."

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