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Thread: C-Span clip: "How are we going to exterminate white people?"

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    C-Span clip: "How are we going to exterminate white people?"

    Granted, this clip is over 15 years old, it came from a post Katrina con-fab in New Orleans.

    I am assuming it's just been unearthed now.

    I am posting it to show that the idea of white genocide is real, and has been been growing, for years now.

    Now I'll stand by for the usual suspects to tell me "you're overreacting" or "you're obsessed".

    I do "overreact" and I am "obsessed" when I see remarks that call for my extermination, by a doctor and professor, in a public forum, and it's applauded.

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    Government-employed doctors should cut off every 10 year old boy's dick and sew it on to a young girl of a different race. The excess white penises should be tossed into a grinder and converted to low-cost hot dogs to be distributed for free to the homeless.
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    There is a place with almost no white people at all.

    It's called Africa

    Go there
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    Due to this guy looking like a hippie I can't tell if he's being serious or not.
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    Are they still putting doctor degrees in Cracker Jack boxes?

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