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Thread: Get Your Master's In One Year, $11k, No Work Required!

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    Get Your Master's In One Year, $11k, No Work Required!

    The perpetrators of this travesty leave me wanting to tie them to a post and drill holes in their skulls, through to their brain stems, sans anesthesia.

    Note how the bar is once again being lowered such that any retard with zero work ethic can now get a "master's" degree in a year for next to no money, and next to no work.

    $#@!'s sake... Theye are wilding to destroy every facet of western culture, and we're letting them do it.

    I have a master's in comp. sci. and my MBA from a top-20 school. Getting those degrees kicked my ass because they were difficult. Imagine at 47 using the calculus you last used in engineering school at 22. It wasn't easy, and it wasn't supposed to be. My master's degrees cost me maybe $150K and they were supposed to distinguish me from the riff-raff, not that I give a damn about credentials, mind you, but having earned them is (was?) supposed to mean something significant, and good.

    Now, any half-wit can get a master's in jacking a load in his boyfriend's hair for next to nothing, in a year, and probably get away with answering all questions put to him based on his "feelings". I'm not bitching here because I feel slighted, BTW, but because something that was once good and of great value on the whole, is now being discounted and disparaged just as was once done with the high school diploma, presumably all pursuant to the intention of wrecking everything of value that the western world brought to the human race, elevating us from the depths of medieval miseries to a standard of living men had not known in all our written history. God in heaven forbid the world enjoy even a shred of petty joy.

    What I see happening is analogous to what the filthy Roman church did for 1600 years, only on steroids. Ruin the quality of life in all its facets such that no genuine pleasure remains to people, ultimately crushing their spirits and, just as with the priests, leaving in this case the "state" as the only avenue to relief from the abject misery to which Theye are thrusting us all.

    Give it a few years and I can almost guaRONtee that the PhD will be next. I can just see it now... all the gay and tranny professors of the zero-sciences to which it would not surprise me to find even the hard sciences such as physics and chemistry relegated in dusty-doom fashion, gleefully lauding any imbecility their students vomit forth as worthy work and before you know it, VOILA!, another PhD is born.

    For those who have seen "Idiocracy", it should occur to you that Theye are leading us to precisely that result where the general population is naught but a great raft of flailing inepts, incapable of thinking past their hooked noses, and utterly dependent on Themme to so much as wipe their own bottoms.

    The mad campaign to destroy what little good remains to this world is now in full-swing with not so much as a hint of effort to make it seem as anything better. Theye no longer hide what they are, or their intentions. That so few see it even at this advanced stage of the cancer leaves me perplexed in the extreme, not to mention a tad nauseated.
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    In a world gone mad, no outrage can be validly assumed as beyond the pale of plausibility.

    We get what we tolerate and we deserve what we get precisely because we tolerate it.

    Our words make us the ghosts that we are.

    Convincing the world he didn't exist was the Devil's second greatest trick; the first was convincing us that God didn't exist.

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    I got my Master's in Gender Studies.

    Got pretty good use out of it at the time
    It's all about taking action and not being lazy. So you do the work, whether it's fitness or whatever. It's about getting up, motivating yourself and just doing it.
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