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Thread: DeSantis accused of torture at Guantanamo Bay

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    Post DeSantis accused of torture at Guantanamo Bay

    Who knows if there is any validity to this...
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    Some evidence and/or proof would be nice.
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    I will just assume that it is true.

    Anyone who loves our BFF in the middle-east as much as he does can't NOT support torture.

    Plus, as a JAGoff, I'm sure it was legal torture.

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    Yeah I don't think that is going anywhere.

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    Who needs any proof of anything in 2023? Repeat accusations enough and they are guilty.

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    Way to TROLL Collins.. jeez

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    No evidence but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if it's true.
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    Given Donald Trump’s history or being anti- war as a private citizen, as President of the United States, and as Commander in Chief of the most equipped and powerful army in the entire world, it’s no surprise as to why John Bolton has lashed out at his former boss about not being a big enough warmonger for the GOP establishment’s liking.

    Donald Trump was always against the Iraq War, while Ron DeSantis supported the war and got a position under the Bush administration as a result of the Iraq War, which he used to launch his political career after leaving the Navy. Many people are unaware of Ron DeSantis’s military background, and he often avoids talking about what he did while he was in the Navy, because the details of his work in the Navy are politically unpalatable to American voters on both sides of the political aisle, and anyone and everyone who falls in between the supposed “two party system”.

    Prior to running for US Congress, and becoming Governor of Florida, DeSantis served as a Lt. Commander and JAG lawyer in the US Navy during the George W. Bush administration, where he was tasked with the “job” of overseeing the torture of prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba, and Fallujah during the Iraq War.

    Mansoor Adayfi, formerly referred to as detainee #441 at Guantanamo Bay, publicly came forward following his release to say that Ron DeSantis allowed for, observed and participated in illegal acts of human torture between March 2006-January 2007. In one particular graphic instance, Adayfi described how DeSantis watched “with amusement” during an inmate hunger strike as he and other detainees were force fed the meal replacement shake “Ensure” through a nasal feeding tube that was forcefully pushed down their throats. Adayfi also claimed that when he told DeSantis face to face this is no way to treat a fellow human being, Adayfi, who was suffering abdominal discomfort from being force fed, threw up the Ensure shake on Ron DeSantis’s face. When reporters reached out to DeSantis for comment about this incident, DeSantis reportedly “refused to comment”.

    Given Ron DeSantis’s history of trying to push things down peoples’ throat without consent, it’s no surprise the GOP MAGA base is being force fed “DeSantis 2024” talking points by NeoCon warmongers, and washed-up social media influencers looking to make a quick buck by selling any bit of integrity they may have had left. But, let me be clear: Bolton’s attacks aren’t surprising, and they are certainly not new.
    This is the 2nd I've seen about this.

    Here's something. Seems DeSantis funded databases full of schoolkids' personal information to a 3rd party contract, if I've got it right.

    Here's a letter from parents warning him before he put it into law:

    From here:

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    deSantos is a f'n deep state neocon at the core.

    He's like the devil, who will tell you a thousand truths to convince you to fall for one big lie.

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