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Thread: They want everything. So that we have nothing.

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    They want everything. So that we have nothing.

    Toyota Transitions

    eric -
    January 28, 2023

    Toyota is the world’s largest single car company. It sells more cars than any other car company. So why would it transition into the world’s largest “mobility” company?*

    And what does that even mean?

    Well, it means that Akio Toyoda – the CEO and grandson of the company’s founder – is turning the company’s direction over to Koji Sato, who is currently the chief branding officer of the company. He will become CEO – and Toyota will shift gears and transition into a company that sells transportation as a service, which is what that term “mobility” means.

    In other words, the old model of people buying cars will be replaced by people renting . . . mobility.

    In other words – or rather the words of the WEF – you will own nothing and be happy.

    There it goes, again.

    But, why? And – how?

    Toyota is not a dying company on life-support, dependent upon rent-seeking for its ever-diminishing market share – like General Motors, for instance. Or Tesla, for that matter – which has had to resort to heavy discounts to offset declining sales of its hugely expensive electric cars, whose novelty factor appears to be wearing off.

    Toyota has no problem selling cars. Especially cars like the Prius hybrid, which is (by far) the best-selling hybrid ever and one of the best-selling cars, period. People love the Prius because (unlike “masks”) it works. Functionally – and economically. People can afford it – and it makes sense to buy it. It does not limit . . . mobility.

    It enhances it.

    And that is probably the problem – and accounts for the why as regards the pending transition.

    Mr. Toyoda thought – and worse, said, in public – that electric cars don’t work. Functionally – or economically.

    And for those reasons, they don’t make sense – for the company – if money can’t be made selling them. Nissan – which has already made the transition – might have followed his advice and not lost a fortune losing money on the Leaf, the electric car it “sold” for less than it cost to make.

    Mr. Toyoda thought the best interests of the company founded by his grandfather dovetailed with the best interests of customers who bought profit-generating (and mobility enhancing) Toyotas – over and over and over again. Not just the Prius, either. Other cars like the best-selling Camry and the best-ever-selling Corolla – more of which have been sold worldwide than any other car in history, including the Model T Ford and the VW Beetle.

    Mr. Toyoda also likes cars – a real problem for a car company executive these days. He is in much the same position as a doctor who favors informed consent – and refuses to pretend that “masks” (or these loathsome drugs they’re pushing under the false rubric of “vaccinations”) “work.”

    Re-education is in order.

    “Because of my strong passion for cars, I am an old-fashioned person in regards to digitalization, electric vehicles, and connected cars. I cannot go beyond being a car guy, and that is my limitation.”*

    Italics added.

    It is a “limitation” to have a “strong passion for cars” as the head of a major car company. To be a “car guy.”

    The world turn’d upside down.

    Just what’s required.

    Just as we are required to pretend – still – that “masks” and “vaccines” that have proved not to “work” but wear (and take) them anyhow.

    “Mobility” – this business of “transportation as a service” – ties into that, too. They don’t want car guys. They don’t want cars, period. Or rather, they don’t want most of us owning them but rather being transported by them – provided we’re up to date on our “vaccines” and otherwise obedient. This end is much-furthered by transitioning from selling cars that people own – and so, control – to selling . . . mobility, electrically – and conditionally.

    You will be tethered to apps as well as cords.

    “The new team can do what I can’t do . . . I now need to take a step back in order to let young people enter the new chapter of what the future of mobility should be like.”*

    It has the echo of Galileo before the Papal authorities, saying what is expected of him – understanding, perhaps, what will happen to him if he does not say what is expected.

    Something has happened, alright.

    Toyota has not been losing money or market share – unlike, say, General Motors. There is no good reason for Toyota to suddenly – violently – slam on the brakes and jerk the steering wheel hard left.

    Nor for Mr. Toyoda to commit seppuku.

    But there is a reason.

    It is the same reason that doctors who hesitated to push drugs the efficacy and safety of which were unknown on the basis of greasy assurances they were, provided by greasy corporations (and individuals) who stood to profit hugely from the pushing of them, were (and are being) driven out of medicine.

    Mr. Toyoda made that same “mistake.”

    And he has been dealt with similarly.

    This transition gives you some indication of the forces at work – and not just as regards Mr. Toyoda’s “surprise” replacement, as Bloomberg senior analyst Tatsuo Yoshida put it the other day.

    They are after much more than cars. They want everything. So that we have nothing. They have said so – openly. For when we “own nothing” whom do you suppose will own everything?

    That is the nature of the transition – and it is the reason why Mr. Toyoda had to go.
    "Unity, for the sake of unity alone, is a fool's objective.

    Who and what are you "uniting" with?

    I would much rather be divided by the truth than united by lies." - Seth Dillon and Anti Federalist

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    Nothing to see here, Mundane. Just hail your favorite “mobility service” on your app, haul your happy ass back to your stack-a-prole housing unit and eat your bugs. See how happy you are?
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    Too bad for them they can't take everything with them when they die.
    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration is minding my own business."

    Calvin Coolidge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anti Globalist View Post
    Too bad for them they can't take everything with them when they die.
    Not to mention there is still a billion people in the world and only a few elitists.

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