Help Stop Leftist (Wolf-PAC) Article V Convention Resolution HJM 1 in Oregon

Alert Summary

Members of the Oregon Legislative Assembly are seeking to pass HJM 1, which would apply to Congress to call a convention to propose amendments under Article V of the Constitution, otherwise known as a constitutional convention (Con-Con).

House Joint Memorial 1 (HJM 1) applies for a convention to propose constitutional amendments “to address concerns such as those raised by the decision of the United States Supreme Court in Citizens United and related cases and events long before and afterward”. If passed, this resolution would be considered along with the existing Wolf-PAC applications of three other states (although the resolution erroneously names five states—two of those since rescinded their applications).

The Wolf-PAC Con-Con application is interesting because unlike most other Article V convention applications, it is sponsored and supported by liberals and claim to seek liberal policy outcomes, namely campaign finance “reform” that would restrict the First Amendment. As Joe Wolverton’s 2015 TNA article “Citizens United for Free Speech” points out, a Wolf-PAC Con-Con would have a detrimental effect on free speech and the individual liberty of ordinary Americans.

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