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Thread: Video - Pfizer Documents Prove "Mass Murder," Says Naomi Wolf

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    Video - Pfizer Documents Prove "Mass Murder," Says Naomi Wolf

    Pfizer Documents Prove "Mass Murder," Says Naomi Wolf

    January 25, 2023

    The infamous Pfizer documents released under court order prove that the company and the FDA knew about the disastrous consequences of the Covid injections, making this campaign a case of "mass murder," explained Daily Clout chief Naomi Wolf in this interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine's Alex Newman. Both the FDA and the pharmaceutical giant knew these injections were associated with strokes, fertility problem, harm to unborn babies, heart problems, and countless other horrors, said Wolf, a former advisor to top Democrats who is now leading a team of thousands of doctors and scientists in searching through all these documents. The CCP was also involved in this operation in multiple ways, including in the manufacturing process, she said. "This is a blueprint for prosecution," Wolf explained, calling the "attack on humanity" a fraud, mass murder, and much more—even suggesting some of these crimes were capital offenses. She said numerous people in government and the corporate world were involved and as such, needed to be held accountable by the justice system at every level. Wolf and her team are already asking prosecutors and state attorneys general to prosecute, building on Florida's grand jury investigation.
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    Too bad there still won't be any justice whatsoever and nobody will be serving any jail time.
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