I had and idea, so best you start running now.

As "government" goes ever wilder in its stridency, 87K new IRS agents coming immediately to mind, I have wondered whether the time has come for we the people to get serious about defending ourselves against Theire ever more violent intrusions.

Theire agents do no-knocks, often on the wrong locations, shoot the dog, beat or even murder other family members, destroy the house, toss flash-bangs into cradles where infants sleep, and so on down the miserable list we all know too well.

The idea that twigged this afternoon was <DRUMROLL>... An app. Surprising, right? Specifically, a phone/pad/computer app that would allow people to broadcast calls to action.

Imagine the IRS bangs in your door. You fire off a call for help, not to worthless police who would do nothing better than help their compatriots, but to a circle who would presumably show up to your location, perhaps well armed, and ready to render aid. The idea here is that if police, etc. had to worry about significant numbers of armed friends, family, and neighbors of those whom you are violating showing up, they might come to a new view on such matters, such as making damned certain of the addresses they intend on serving no-knock warrants.

So long as we stand idly for the sorts of outrageous violations that have become now commonplace, Theye will continue to wratchet up their campaigns of terror and oppression against us. It is long overdue that we begin reeling these cretinous instruments of tyranny to heel.