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    Thumbs up New at LibertyClick

    Some of the new posts at

    3-5-23: LCN Opinin' - LCN Opinin’ 026 – (New Guest Contributor) Macaque Mentality on AI and the Job Market
    2-20-23: LCN Watch & Listen 020 – Money Is Weird Edition
    2-3-23: LCN Opinin' - SCI – Sensitive Compartmented Information by LSJohn
    1-2-21: (backdated) Happening - When Trump Called Raffensperger About Election Fraud
    1-30-23: LCN Junk Drawer 005 - An Edition, I Guess
    1-15-23: LCN Headlines 024 – Mandatory Periodic Global Enforceability Reconsiderations Edition
    1-13-23: LCN Puddlejumping 028 – Dave Barry
    1-10-23: LCN Off Topic 013 – Gay Frog Deep Dive Edition
    1-6-23: LCN Quotes 014 – Paypal Has Become A Black Mirror Episode Edition

    Some of the new posts at

    Hackaday DIY engineering projects
    Never forget what they did meme
    Roman Emperors infographic

    ================ & are two sites I contribute to. I will post stuff here from there from time to time.

    If you have something you would like to see published, see the contribute page! Always looking for new writing - and glad to help you get out the word for any project you have going in exchange. LibertyClick and LibertyClick News have foundations that can expand greatly - and that's the plan..
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    LCN Headlines 024 – Mandatory Periodic Global Enforceability Reconsiderations Edition

    Posted on January 15, 2023 by LCNews

    News headline summaries. Copy and paste them into a website or search engine… ya dig??

    World News, Events:

    ICE says records of 378,000 detainees in illegal immigration program lost
    | Look on, in, and around any nearby Corvettes

    FBI whistleblower says Ted Lieu moved him off of child pornography cases to work on J6 instead
    | “Don’t Worry Guys, I’ll Stay Here and Take Care of This, You Go Ahead”

    FAA system failure grounds all flights for 90+ minutes
    | Due to government malfunction, officials are recommending that you flap your arms instead, and apologize for the inconvenience

    American Heart Association links Covid ‘vaccines’ and inflammation of the heart
    | You don’t say

    Weird News:

    South Korea clarifies sex-doll law: now permitted in private so long as it does not undermine human dignity
    | No, doesn’t undermine that at all, the way I do it

    Good News:

    Iran protests reach 100 days
    | ‘What do we want? To not live under theocratic authoritarianism! When do we want it? Anytime prior to the recent murderous brutality by the regime’s praetorian thugs!’

    Judge orders new election in Screven County, Georgia due to ‘systemic irregularities'
    | What’s the catch?

    74 sheriff’s departments in Illinois say they will not enforce ‘assualt weapons’ ban
    | Good time to reconsider everything they enforce


    Politico: Ex-Google boss helps fund dozens of jobs in Biden’s administration
    LAT: Emails reveal Sam Bankman-Fried’s courtship of federal regulators


    Gold is Money: Everything Else is Credit by Claudio Grass
    The Great Overreaction by Lori Weintz
    Want Proof Our Government Is A Cash-Gobbling Ball Of Incompetence? Look No Further Than The Post Office by Jordan Boyd
    What Will the FBI Not Do? by Victor Davis Hanson

    Copy and paste the headlines above to use them as search keywords on a website or search engine.

    Use the Contribute page to send us headlines for future editions.

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    New at The Birthday Problem

    The ‘Birthday Problem’ is a famous mathematical exercise:

    How many people need to be in a room to reach probability that two of them have the same birthday?

    One would typically assume that it would take far more than it does.

    How many people do you think it takes for the probability that two of them share a birthday to reach 50% ?

    Each of them has a chance to match every other person in the room… 23

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    WordPress is a free blog tool, publishing platform, and extensible CMS.

    It runs a huge proportion of the world’s professional websites and is easy to learn. It allows anyone willing to spend a few hours learning to have their own website or blog that they can post to. It is one of the technologies most responsible for decentralization of publishing. It is also open source, with infinite plugins to add functionality, such as automatic cross-posting to social media sites.

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    - OpenAI’s ChatGPT creates a letter from the assembled oligarchic elites
    EndGame: Infinite Wall of Bureacracy by John B Nevin
    - Drifting Zombies by Alkalie
    - Guesswork by LSJohn

    If anyone would like to contribute and be published on

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    1-2-21: (backdated) Happening - When Trump Called Raffensperger About Election Fraud

    An hourlong phone call between President Donald J. Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was leaked. Trump lost the state by 11,779 votes, and called to ask Raffensperger to reconsider the election results. It was spun as ‘threatening,’ of course, and Raffensperger refused, despite all of the obvious fraud that had already been known to occur.

    At best, if Raffensperger is honest, fear of repercussions from those who perpetrated the fraud were more compelling incentive than fear of repercussions from the justice system or anywhere else.

    Georgia was the state with the famous footage of an election worker named Ruby Freeman pulling suitcases full of ballots out from under the table.

    Once President Biden made it to office, he eventually gave Ruby Freeman a Presidential Citizen’s medal on the anniversary of J6 2023.

    It’s how regimes work!

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    SCI – Sensitive Compartmented Information
    Posted on February 3, 2023 by LSJohn

    I have to wonder whether there’s something I’m misunderstanding about these recent ongoing controversies regarding classified information.

    My impression has long been that SCI documents were under the second-highest classification level ( Confidential – SECRET – TOP SECRET – SCI – Code-Word. There could very likely be even higher levels whose existence we aren’t supposed to even know about.)

    It is a violation of the Espionage Act of 1917 to have private control of documents under even the least sensitive of the classifications, “Confidential,” but SCI documents are a VERY big super-sensitive matter.

    What I’m getting to is the apparent weakness of the criticisms being levied against Biden (quite different from Trump — more on that later.) The very fact that classified documents were resting in a private space of which Biden had authority makes him — as I understand it — guilty of one count for each classified document (classified at any level) discovered. There is no possible excuse for a current or former US Senator, or Vice President, or any other person to control those documents.

    The ONLY person who may control those documents in private spaces is a sitting US President. What this implies to me is that the most likely way for Joe Biden to have gotten his hands on classified documents in a place where there was reasonable opportunity for him to surreptitiously gain possession of them, was the Oval Office, under either or both of Clinton and Obama. (Note “surreptitious.” I don’t claim Clinton or Obama would have had to have known.)

    Regarding Trump: He has one real and one superficial escape clause. The superficial escape is that every President takes a large volume of documents when leaving the White House, for the intended purpose of having curators evaluate them for inclusion in a planned Presidential library. It is inevitable that some classified documents will be among those retained in the President’s possession while in office and will be inadvertently (or intentionally) removed during clean-out/departure. It is a virtual certainty that every President has been guilty of possessing classified documents after the final day of his term, but usually [*wink wink*] those are discovered by curators and handed over to the National Archives where there are SCIFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities.)

    The [*wink *wink] is the superficial escape clause derived from the traditional overlooking of these [*wink *wink] inadvertent short-term crimes.

    Trump’s “real” escape clause MAY [*wink *wink] require that Trump be untruthful. As long as he was President — until the very moment that Joe Biden told John Roberts “Mother may I?” — he had the unchallengeable authority to classify or declassify ANY document(s). All he has to do now is say that before removing any documents from the White House he declassified them. No one can conclusively dispute him.

    As I understand it, doing so does not declassify any existing copies of those documents, or other documents containing the same or similar information, but declassifies all those copies in his possession. Doing so would make all documents declassified in that manner that are or were in his possession at Mar-a-Lago or elsewhere, entirely within his lawful ability to hold.


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    LCN Watch & Listen 020 – Money Is Weird Edition

    Matt Taibbi on Joe Rogan
    How do Banks actually create money? Professor Richard Werner
    Rubin Report w/ Jeffrey Tucker and Vivek Ramaswamy – Press Stunned by Rand Paul Calling Biden’s Bluff & Giving This Warning
    Thomas Sowell on the Myths of Economic Inequality

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    LCN Opinin’ 026 – Macaque Mentality on AI and the Job Market

    Posted on March 4, 2023 by Macaque Mentality

    I’m going to write a little about the rise of social commerce, influencer marketing, and user generated content, and what this has to do with AI and the job market.

    AI will continue to rapidly saturate traditional marketing and traditional digital marketing techniques, such as content marketing, consumer education, search engine optimization, etc. Most of these marketing techniques have already been commodified, so AI represents a second wave of commodification.

    As this happens, social commerce, influencer marketing, and user generated content will continue to grow because it is based on relationship-building, rather than making deals. But the market will be inundated with platforms and AI tech that facilitates relationship-building until the market becomes well-understood. Fortunately, relationship-building cannot be fully commodified, but the market will do its best to use AI tech to make social marketing efficient over the next 5-15 years or so.

    Why do I keep highlighting commodification? As the market becomes more commodified and pricing marketing spend becomes more efficient, three things will happen. First, the low-end market will atomize into countless tiny agencies fighting with each other to survive, trying to build relationships with up-and-coming nano- and micro-influencers. Second, the mid-end market will be characterized by large platforms developed by the major agencies that combine SaaS efficiency with sales-oriented customer service and faceless tech teams. Third, the kings of the high-end market, the major agencies, will continue to grow and rule the bespoke marketing campaigns with the two iron fists of sales: social proof and successful case studies.

    So what does this have to do with AI? The marketing sphere isn’t the only place in which these types of changes will occur. I’m trying to demonstrate that AI tech, at least for the next 5-15 years, has clear boundaries which we can navigate until the real pain starts happening. Everyone, not just the entrepreneurial out there, would do well to explore these areas for a number of reasons:

    1. These are the spaces where one will actually be able to bootstrap an operation with a low budget, because they can reliably find an edge/moat that you can leverage.
    2. If a team successfully breaks into the space, these are the areas where they can use their experience to reach and compete at the cutting edge of this space. Why is this important? You can be reasonably sure that you will have more data on your market than any new team trying to break into the field after you.
    3. Which means that these are the areas in which the team (now a working startup) will be able to leverage this data to develop their own industry-specific AI that will streamline business operations.
    4. Which means that this team will be most able to commodify the market and develop platforms as the market grows.

    I can’t stress enough that this isn’t just for the entrepreneurial. If you are in a sector that is being streamlined, you need a reliable schema with which you can make future career decisions, to join a team with the highest likelihood of success. I am well aware that my prior advice of “be the top 1% of your sector” simply isn’t that useful. So I’d like to go further and help people answer the following question: “Which sectors will afford me good upward mobility while minimizing my chances of being replaced by AI and platforms?”

    Macaque Mentality

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    smells funny
    "Let it not be said that we did nothing."-Ron Paul

    "We have set them on the hobby-horse of an idea about the absorption of individuality by the symbolic unit of COLLECTIVISM. They have never yet and they never will have the sense to reflect that this hobby-horse is a manifest violation of the most important law of nature, which has established from the very creation of the world one unit unlike another and precisely for the purpose of instituting individuality."- A Quote From Some Old Book

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    Quote Originally Posted by devil21 View Post
    smells funny
    He who smelt it dealt it.
    Never attempt to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig.

    Robert Heinlein

    Give a man an inch and right away he thinks he's a ruler

    Groucho Marx

    I love mankind…it’s people I can’t stand.

    Linus, from the Peanuts comic

    You cannot have liberty without morality and morality without faith

    Alexis de Torqueville

    Those who fail to learn from the past are condemned to repeat it.
    Those who learn from the past are condemned to watch everybody else repeat it

    A Zero Hedge comment

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