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Maybe you'd care to point out one issue I raised?

It's understandable that you don't appreciate the world you've inherited, most generations don't. Just as most generations try their best to "reform" society in order to suit them at any given stage in their life.

I tend to view the past generations, our ancestors, as people who tried to do their best. Many were foolish, some were greedy but by and large each generation leaves the world more advanced and the worldwide standard of living improved.

It takes a special kind of victim to whine about inheriting a world with modern housing/transportation and widespread knowledge, that or exceptionally stupid and entitled person who claims to not be a victim while sniveling about their lot in life...

Maybe......Just maybe......A few decades of toil, a few relationships, a few business endeavors and a few children will change your outlook? Or maybe not.

How you view your life and what you do to improve it will be judged by your children and their children.

I'm proud of my ancestors, maybe you can be too someday.

One thing is certain, the soapbox of the interwebs lets more voices be heard than any time in history.
Yyyyyyeaaaaah, uhm, I am thankful for modern amenities, most of which were figured out long before Boomers, by the way. That’s not even close to the discussion at hand. The issue is over how Boomers inherited the family fortune, completely blew it like drunken socialites, and proceed to ridicule Millennials for being weak. Meanwhile, uttering “OK, Boomer,” sends Boomers into an inconsolable tailspin.

You actually are reading how life expectancies and quality of life for the first time in history is worse for generations inheriting today vs. what every other generation before did. So while we do have air conditioning and automobiles, that obfuscates from the fact that Boomers have no qualms with siphoning every drop they can. They embraced lockdowns. Wore masks, forced kids to wear masks just so that Boomers could squeeze out more time. They didn’t care.

The issue at hand is it takes a certain generation to stare at $400,000 median home prices, $100,000 college tuition, $50,000 median new car prices, complete deindustrialization of the country, and conclude “Oh yeah, I still want mine (Social Security check).” That’s Boomers. Millennials have these headwinds, and then Boomers say suck it up buttercup, I want my $1500 Social Security check so I can joyride at the casino. Make sure you grab your daily lunch special at the Deuces Wild buffet!

No, I look fondly on previous generations. Not Boomers, though. Nothing honorable about demanding entitlements stay in place as Millennials deal with the biggest financial headwinds No generation previous has had. $400k for a home. It was unheard of to think young people couldn’t start a family in any generation prior to today. Today, that’s accepted and Boomers want those people to pay for the entitlements.