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So, a couple things here... First, Massie powered his home with solar panels and a reclaimed Tesla battery that weren't eligible for any credits.

Secondly, you are again deflecting and saying that because someone else does it, we all should do it.

Thirdly, you are not just taking advantage of tax credits to do something you would have done otherwise - you are actively pursuing new ways to suck at the teat of the taxpayer at the expense of the less fortunate. If it weren't for the subsidies, you already admitted you wouldn't be doing this.

That is not true. I have purchased many brand new automobiles. Probably over 20. I would purchase a new Tesla with or without the credit. The first one was over 50k and did not qualify for $4200 in CT credits. We fully expected the $4200 and were informed when at the dealership that it didn't qualify. We bought it anyway.

Still the point is if Thomas Massie was putting new Solar on or purchasing a new Tesla would he use the available tax credits?

Solar panels. I would put solar on my home with or without the credit. The only difference is that I would have done a DIY self install. So my net expense would have been the same. So I guess you could say that I was not the beneficiary of the Solar system installation but the workers installing Solar were the recipients.

I don't tell you how to file your taxes or spend your money. Pay more in taxes if that is what you want. Do not take tax credits. If that strokes your ego then be satisfied with that.

But do you think, the most Libertarian Congressman would utilize a Federal Income Tax credit of $7500 if he purchased a brand new Tesla? Do you think Ron Paul would use the Federal Income tax credit if he purchased a new Tesla? I would bet money that Ron Paul would use the tax credit.

You are the hypocrite. Either stop paying all taxes or stop taking any money home and give it all to the government. This fallacy that the poor man's income tax is paying for my Tesla is totally wrong. The poor man pays no income tax and gets an earned income tax credit. As mentioned when I had kids in college and only one income we paid nearly no income tax and we were a family of 4 making over $100,000 gross which included rental income.

Do you contribute to a 401k or an IRA and take the deduction? Stop taking that deduction. The poor man cannot afford to contribute....

Dude just agree to disagree and don't put a label on me.