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Thread: EVs can't work, and are just stepping stones to banning all personal transportation

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    EVs can't work, and are just stepping stones to banning all personal transportation

    Keep in mind while reading this that once "emissions" are no longer an issue, it will be some other issue that will ban EVs.

    The EU is working on new "Tier 7" regulations because of brake dust and tire particle "pollution".

    Occasional Use Vehicles

    eric -
    December 6, 2022

    There are a couple of things to be worried about with regard to electric vehicles – assuming you like electric vehicles – that have nothing to do with how far they can go or how long it takes before you can get going again.

    The first thing is the disparity between electrical generating capacity – which is analogous to crude oil supplies, if we were talking about fueling cars with engines – and the amount of electricity that would be required to power a fleet of electric vehicles. As of right now, total U.S. grid generating capacity is about 1.2 million megawatts, with another 412,000 in the pipeline (so to speak). That would bring the total available capacity up to . . . not even close to what a fleet of electric vehicles – including commercial vehicles – would require.

    That being something in the neighborhood of 23 million megawatts.

    The disparity is worse than that, too – if you factor out the electricity currently generated by the burning of hydrocarbon fuels such as natural gas (which accounts of about 42 percent of all electricity generated in the United States) and coal (another 18.5 percent). The two latter together constitute more than half of all current generating capacity.

    If we are to be “green,” that half must be taken out of the equation – for the same reason vehicles with engines are being taken out of the equation. Both “emit” carbon dioxide, the allegedly “climate changing” gas that replacing vehicles with engines with electric vehicles is supposed to tamp down. But it does not tamp down the “emissions” of carbon dioxide to change the source of their “emissions” from millions of tailpipes to a handful of much larger ones – those hydrocarbon “emitting” natural gas and coal-fired utility plants.

    Thus – if it’s not just for show (and for something else) – at least half of the current grid’s 1.2 million megawatts of generating capacity must be replaced with “green” electricity generation, such as solar. If it isn’t replaced, that means there’s less than half of current electrical generating capacity available to “greenly” power a fleet of electric vehicles that will need many times 1.2 megawatts of power in order to be other than Occasional Use Vehicles (OUVs).

    As by rationing power.

    Solar accounts for a mere 5 percent of the 1.2 million megawatts of grid power currently available. Where will 95 percent more come from – to convert the current grid entirely over to “green” energy? Where will much more than that come from – to provide the 23 million megawatts of power a national fleet of electric vehicles would need?

    How is this “transition” supposed to happen?

    The answer to that question is – it’s not supposed to happen.

    It’s not going to happen.

    The only realistic way it could would be if many new nuclear (and hydro) power plants were built. They could provide a great deal of “green” energy, at least insofar as carbon dioxide “emissions” are concerned, as nuclear and hydro power plants are “zero emissions,” in that respect.

    None are being built.

    Solar arrays and wind turbine farms are being built, but nowhere near the total needed. Neither will be able to provide even the current grid’s 1.2 million megawatts of electricity for years – decades – to come.

    If ever.

    And that doesn’t begin to consider the additional megawatts that would be required by plugging in hundred of millions of electric vehicles – or even half that many. A third as many, for that matter.

    There are currently about 275 million registered vehicles in the United States. Of these, only about 2 percent are electric. The governments of several states – including California – have decreed that only electric cars will be legal for sale within just a few years from now (2030-2035).

    Consider the implications.

    On the one hand, electric vehicles are being made the only vehicles people will be able to buy in the not-too-distant future. And on the other hand, no serious provision is being made to provide the electricity they will need . . . if they are to be used other than occasionally.

    It is as if the government knows there’s not enough grid capacity to power so many electric vehicles.

    What a brilliant way to reduce the number of vehicles!

    Or at least, their use.

    Without enough electrical power available to charge up tens of millions (let alone hundreds of millions) of electric vehicles and provide for the electrical needs of everything else, electricity will inevitably have to be rationed. The math is not obscure. The powers-that-be are aware of the gap between even existing capacity and the many-fold increased draw on that capacity “electrification” would impose. Just as the power-that-be knew that wearing a disposable dust mask over your face would do nothing to prevent the getting or spreading of a respiratory virus they also knew posed little to no serious threat except to the very elderly and frail and the already sick.

    The doing-of-nothing to increase the only “green” electrical generating sources that could at least possibly/realistically provide the needed electricity without rationing – i.e., nuclear and hydro power generation – speaks abundantly of their actual intentions.

    And in the unlikely event that a way is found to power electrical vehicles regularly rather than occasionally, the powers-that-be will then “discover” that EVs – themselves – aren’t very “green,” either. Their “net carbon footprint” will be – suddenly – found much bigger than thought.

    It will become necessary to regulate these newfound “emissions” downward.

    Just as it became necessary to change the definition of “emission” from compounds that cause or contribute to air pollution to carbon dioxide, an “emission” that has nothing to do with pollution – and which can only be reduced by reducing combustion.

    That’s how they got rid of vehicles with engines – or are in the process of doing. They will next get rid of driving – except occasionally – by requiring vehicles that need electricity for which there isn’t adequate capacity.

    In the event that doesn’t work, EVs will be found not-as-green-as-advertised.

    And gotten rid of on that basis.
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