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Thread: GA - Police arrest suspect for terrorist threats against LGBTQ+ nightclub

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    GA - Police arrest suspect for terrorist threats against LGBTQ+ nightclub

    The arrested person is a gay leftist Huffington Post contributor (the FOX reporter couldn't be bothered to mention this, and apparently blocked Andy Ngo when he pointed it out ; see below) - so we can expect a brief initial spate of denunciations of "homophobic far-right extremism" followed by silence as the story just sort of vanishes, rarely if ever to be heard again from any mainstream sources.

    Atlanta police arrest person with making threats to LGBTQ+-friendly nightclub
    Atlanta police have arrested a man they say made terroristic threats against a nightclub popular in the gay community through videos on Instagram.
    Rob DiRienzo (27 November 2022)

    ATLANTA - Atlanta Police have arrested a man they say made terroristic threats against a nightclub popular among the LGBTQ+ community.

    Atlanta Police Department Homeland Security detectives said Atlanta resident Chase Staub posted a series of threats in videos on his Instagram story holding a weapon with cryptic and messages threatening patrons of The Heretic written on sticky notes last week. [Ye Gods! What the hell are their editors being paid to do? - OB]

    Staub’s arrest came exactly one week since the mass shooting at a gay club in Colorado, which killed five. [see this thread - OB]

    "We were able to engage our Homeland Security unit, and they were able to search further into the social media account and found some concerning things," said Atlanta Police Sgt. Jarius Doughtery.

    Police said employees at The Heretic called officers after they saw the video with the threatening remarks toward the bar on social media.

    They later learned that the weapon he was holding was actually a pepper spray gun.

    On Monday, The Heretic’s manager Alan Collins told FOX 5 he was relieved.

    "Mr. Staub scared the heck out of a lot of folks and that’s NOT ok," Collins said in an email. "He obviously needs help, but must be held accountable for his actions and the fear he caused our community."

    Collins said that the club has been around for 31 years and always has off-duty Atlanta Police Department officers working security.

    A day after investigators became aware of the posts, patrons at two other gay bars, Oscar’s and Felix’s, called the police after Staub appeared there.

    Officers said he was gone by the time they got there, but they later arrested him at home.

    Investigators found the pepper spray gun Staub appeared to be holding in the video. He was charged with making terroristic threats and disorderly conduct.

    "We see these establishments as a safe space. These are more than just bars or businesses. These really are a family, they’re a refuge for many of us," said Jeff Graham, executive director of Georgia Equality. "Members of our community experience this on an ongoing basis, but what we have seen is a number of rhetorical attacks on the LGBT community at large."

    Fulton County Jail records indicated that a judge set bond for Staub on Monday at an initial appearance, but by Monday evening he had still not been released.

    [additional matter hidden to save space]

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