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Thread: World Heading To A Silver Shortage, According To New Report

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    World Heading To A Silver Shortage, According To New Report

    A US-based agency which monitors the silver market says in its latest report that the world is on the brink of a major silver supply shortage this year.

    The Silver Institute notes in the report published on its website, that global demand for the precious metal from industrial consumers, manufacturers of housewares and jewelry, and retail investors will rise at the end of the year by a record 16% over last year, to an all-time high of 1.21 billion ounces.

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    I was just thinking about this.

    I can't think of a single industry or trade association that doesn't always warn of impending shortage as a way of manufacturing demand.

    The only exception I can think of is those industries which are subsidized that warn against oversupply, which can threaten the need for subsidization.

    As for silver, I like my $12 silver and despise my $38 silver.

    I'm no longer going to chase this "investment".

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    retail on a silver eagle is about 38.70 this morning , retail on a proof silver eagle is about 101.65 . I know a wholesaler buying at 84 on common dates so theyd be selling to dealers somewhere around 92 1/2. Probably been in a silver shortage at least all yr this past yr , I might even expect it might ease up a little into second half of next yr . Retail Libertads are running 37.30 , Maples about 31.00
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    Somewhere , recently , within the past week or so a lot of 90 percent silver has been dumped on the market because the premium ( amount per ounce over spot)being pd by my wholesaler has about been cut in half on dimes and quarters and down about 30 percent on halves . I wasnt really eaxpecting to see that until next yr.
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