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In July of 1993, a radio station in Kigali, Rwanda, began openly attacking one of the country’s main ethnic groups, the Tutsis. The radio station was called RTLM, but many remember it as simply Hutu Radio because its audience was primarily Hutu. According to Hutu [Radio], Tutsi people were responsible for virtually every bad thing that ever happened in Rwanda. Tutsis had way too much money. They had way too much power. Tutsis were way too privileged. They were greedy. They were bigoted. They were racists. They were dangerous. Everything about Tutsiness was repulsive.
Something to always keep in mind with regard to the Rwandan genocide.

It was one of the worst in modern history, some say the worst.

Of course not in raw numbers, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot killed many more individuals.

But in terms of percentage of population of a given country, it was catastrophic.